any film buff/film makers out there to answer a question?

A shot in the dark....but does anyone know the technical terminology for the following -

  1. When the actor/actress gazes directly into the camera, registering the presence of the viewer.

  2. When you have a tracking shot, and it is done with the intention of the viewer feeling like they are the 'eyes' behind the movement. e.g. blair witch, hand held camera, etc etc

Watch this
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  1. an aside?

  2. first-person?

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  1. breaking the fourth wall might fit
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ohhh ryan is right. an aside is when they actually speak to the audience

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yeah breaking the fourth wall.

She Says So

fantastic, thank you....i was really raking my brain over that one! X-D


2 is a POV, point of view shot if you're seeing it through the "eyes" of a character. But if the camera's more like an invisible character that the audience gets to "be" but the other characters seem unaware of it's "fly on the wall." And if the characters are aware of the camera (as in Blair Witch since the conceit is that it's found documentary footage) then it's cinéma vérité

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