fucking fuck

  • by d3d
  • posted Jan 30, 2011 in General

My car broke down on thursday afternoon and the roadside assist guy that came out said the fuel pump was dead, so I got it towed, had the fuel pump replaced and still nothing, then they discovered a gear had shorn all it's teeth off and scattered them through the engine, which would cost 3 grand to replace, and the car is only worth two running.

So now I have a chunk of scrap worth about 50 bucks and have to replace it in a week so I can get my kids to school. Which means extending our mortgage since I have no income and no savings.
Odds of getting back to meetup this year, virtually nil.

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I wish tere was something we could do


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d3d profile pic Alumni

i finally got my car back just now. it's been gone for 2 weeks and cost me $2400, but on the plus side it runs better than ever now. every pack of cigarettes has a silver lining.

Mya Jamila

:D I'm glad to hear all of those! Including the cost because, it could have been more.

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Why drive a car when you could get this?

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see now I don't feel as bad about spending $400 on my car on my bday. I don't think I have a right to complain.


Good mechanics are awesome. I'm glad they sorted it out!

Nick just spent $200 to buy a gear in the speedometer. It's tiny, and we're not 100% sure it will fix it, but no-one really wants to buy a car if the speedo doesn't work :P

d3d profile pic Alumni

that sucks. stupid modern cars and their precision wizardry. in the old days you'd just shoot the horse.


i hate car problems. it is totally just shit that I DON'T WANNA SPEND MONEY ON

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cheers. shitty it cost ya 2400, but im glad its functional now

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yeah, spending tons on cars is like, "yeay, my life savings are gone now, but at least i have something that does exactly what it used to do before its insides blew up!"

Glad you're cruising around town again tho.

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Yay you got the car back! And I'm so glad it's running better than ever.. seriously... I hope that repair lasts you a good long time :D

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