What's up with the saxophone case?

  • by Madlune
  • posted Aug 22, 2006

I'm kind of ignorant about stuff like this but does /any/ saxophone actually come in a case like that? It really bothers me, and I wanted to get it for my boyfriend who plays the sax... but I'm so wary that he'll be so offended by the incorrectness of it that he won't wear it....

Watch this

yeah there are cases like that, i used to play the sax.


they can if they want to be shaped like that.


umm.. my band director plays sax.. and thats the case he uses.. plus! he just swings it around his shoulder. (Easier to carry)



would he really get offended by the case looking weird?


Probably not. A lot of sax cases look like that. It just depends on the type of saxophone.

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Your boyfriend sounds like a douche if you'd buy him a shirt as a surprise gift and he wouldn't wear it because of something like that. First thing tomorrow morning, punch him in the back of the head for me.


they should have a contra-case. that'd make my life complete

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i wish they made a sax case that was contoured to each and every single fingering key


Are you insane?
Yes. Tenor saxes often use cases like that.
In fact, to me, that looks normal. But then, I'm an oboe player. I'm weird.

Concita shiiift oneee

^ Oboes arent weird.
Oboes are your friend.

And if he is offended by such case-shape-ness, I agree with Larlar.


I play alto sax and I didn't have a case like that, but I know tenors that did.

And boooo, oboe.... :)


you can get both alto and tenor cases like that. its not the shape thats weird, its that the handle is over the bell of the horn. i've never seen a case like that.

but, this shirt pretty much kicks arse, so who cares if the handle is in the wrong place?


hell yes that is a gig case! They most def come like that.


Don't feel bad, I've been in bands for almost six years now and I've never seen a case like that.

distinctive mannerism

i play the tenor sax. i use a rectangular case, but there have been people in my band who play the alto who use that type of case. i guess it just depends on what brand of instrument you get and what case it comes in.

but yea, there are def. cases like that. =]

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