Ladies of the '80s

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The Shirt Architect

When I think of the 80s I always think of the crazy hair and dramatic makeup. So for the Sharpies Loves challenge this is what I came up with. 6 colors on white.

The Shirt Architect

I would really appreciate feedback before I submit this so tell me what you think!

The Shirt Architect

bumps to make this resurface and hopefully get critiqued

The Shirt Architect

@fiftiesjay Yeah it's for the sharpie contest. And it's funny that you said that she looks a little masculine because I always think pictures of girls from the 80s look masculine, especially with all of their shoulder pads and such. I actually based her off of a picture of a woman with hair like that and her jaw was shaped like that. It's weird because the line drawing of her doesn't look masculine at all but when I add the colors she sort of does. Hmm... I'll try to work on it, thanks!


yo, the tee on the bottom left is craaazzy I'm surprised more people haven't commented on it (centered is also nice). I could see college sorority girls cutting it up and throwing it on at parties (not sure if you know but thats what sororities love to do now, have 80s parties to wear spandex and act like...little angels). Hmmm I really like the mood of the girl. I don't think its necessary but you could draw hair over some of that square-ish jaw to make her more feminine. Adding more detail like dimples might be nice, but otherwise SUBMIT. Also consider the deadline for the contest, wouldn't want to miss it.

I have a general submission design up now i'd love you to comment on Winter Buffalo


Yeah, something feels masculine. I'm not sure if it's the neck width or the jaw shape, but that could use a fix! I really like the feel of this piece. Good and retro! And I digs the all-over placement, tho I'm not sure if that's even possible! Worth a shot though, right? Keep working on this! I like it!

The Shirt Architect

@Futurology haha I know exactly what you mean about the 80s parties. If this did print I have friends who would buy it and do that for sure. haha And I considered adding dimples or something so I'll play around with it a little and see. Thanks, I'll check yours out too!

@Stile I wasn't sure if the all over placement was possible either but I've seen tees with similar placement that made me think it might be possible. And I think it might be the neck width. Thanks!

@saracoral85 thanks I'll check it out!

The Shirt Architect

Thanks for the critiques. I redid the neck and jaw line. I also added a strand of hair on her face. Is there anything else I should change?

The Shirt Architect

@Links Arsenal are you talking about the kind of rough, hand drawn effect I put on the lines? Because that was on purpose.

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

Her eyes have a decidedly worried look, is that what you're going for? I left you a much longer critique over on my critique blog - thanks for stopping by there :)


The new cheek line is cute, and the hair looks nice. I'd definitely consider making the nose more petite... although I'm no drawing expert I think I know what a cute girl looks like :)


The Shirt Architect

So this time I changed the nose shape and made her slightly smile so that she doesn't look so emotionless and sullen (although for some reason I thought that was kind of interesting). I thought about adding more detail to her hair like suggested, but I think it won't look as 80s-ish. Plus, the shadows would require me to use more than the 5 required colors and I wanted to stick to just them. So, what do you think?

The Shirt Architect

I know it's annoying to keep bumping this, but I'm trying to get responses.


try commenting on others and they will do the same to yours :)

If you have the time, please comment on my Popsicle Love Design :)

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