Give Peace a chance

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My second design for days i will upload some new versions..with rearanged colors and some more details...but i want to know what u think about the whole idea....thx guys =)


you can improve a lot, but this idea sells! improve her shape, and don't let the colors as "square"... add one old effect... or other thing...


i only did this very simple one, cuz my dad was at me, and he didn't like my version ;) in my version, the shape itself has more details and the colors are aranged like on old hippie-shirts ;) i will upload it today, when i'm home again


Try some other tee colors! since its a peace theme, why would you choose black?


I think the tee colour (the background) should be a light colour. Plus maybe add some textures to the bird to make it more interesting.


Nice idea... I think you should desaturate a bit the colors inside the bird to make it less "aggressive"...


so i made to upload my own version, which has more details...i also think it's better then v1, which my dad prefer ^^ enjoy and gimme some feedback


i don't know if the shining outlines go together with the pattern...since it's very bright.


it's because i like the idea of the freedom-bird is breaking out of the tee, or even out of next version i wanted to add some cracks around the birds corner.... i'll give my best ^^

and i'm with the comments of the first design, i don't want a black tee, cuz it has a freedom-message, black would be to dark to show it ;)


Yeah you're on it designer mang, nah to the black tee. I'm feeling the light blue. I be excited to see these cracks you speak of. Maybe try a version with a sea green outline and fade it into the blue? Best of luck brah.

Check mine?


gimme a day or so to make and upload the cracked version...

the idea behint the bevel: actually the bevel is an innershadow, with which i wanted to give the illusion, theres is a hippie-shirt under the blue one, which breaks out through the bird-shape

but i'll make the new version without them, cuz i'm able to add it anytime, if u think i need it again ;)


try lowering the color tone to a little bit dark


if you can try to make the colors follow the flow of the animal....use them to shape out bird more and give it some depth


I agree with the comments about the drop shadow, I get what you're trying to say with it, but it's just not working with this execution. I think you need to figure out another way to create depth and the illusion of the bird breaking free.

Also what se7 said about using the colors to create depth makes a lot of sense.


First was better.... and take of that glow... looks bad... at the first u may add a another color like a stroke...

My Desing


deleted the glow, made the inner-shadow better, paler colors and some cracks at the shape-border for an outbreaking effect


The paler colors are definitely a better choice. Not as harsh to the eye.

Whats the symbolism behind the cracks on the tshirt? Not sure if that really adds to be honest.


the idea behind is i wanted to show, theres a freedom-prefering hippie in all of us, which will breaks out through the blue-shirt... as u can see in the other comments of the other versions, the try with a light inner shadow and a glow isn't the thing to make this clear, so i tried this ;)

but thx ;)


I think I like the earliest version best right now because it does not have the distracting black outline. I'm not sure what you're trying to say with your psychedelic colors, but I do like the simplicity of the design (without the outlines). More peaceful colors might also be cool. :) Thanks for voting on WORLD'S SEXIEST BIRDS!


that are the colors of the peace-flag ^^ just messed them up, tried a hippie-style ;)

i can upload a version without the black outline, but i'm afraid the breaking-through-effect will get lost


deleted the inner-shadow-outline-thing, but i think it doesn't look as good is in the version before in relation to the break-through message...


i liked the stripes on the first version better. cool design !

give me some feedback on my OldMan


went back to the stripes from first version, tried a lighter blue for the tee, cracks are still there...leave them or remove?

Albert B.H.C

it is better then all the other version. the bird shape appear much more steady. the cracks make it like a "thunder bird", maybe you want to remove it. this design should be the"neat and clean" type


include more of the root, just enlarge the root if you want cool

If you want Green DOg


include more of the root, just enlarge the root if you want cool

If you want Green DOg


I like the cracks, makes it more unique. I prefer this version to the other. Are you gonna write " give peace a chance" onto the tee? I think you should try it and see what people think.


It is a very nice design, I like the idea but the red is so vibrant it hurts and I'm not sure that it can be printed in that tone of red. I think you should play with saturation/vibrance. thanks for commenting on my critique Snowl by the way :)

Ru Chery

wow great design!!! this coming along nicely. I like this version the best. I also agree with designnobis try experimenting with the saturation of your design and see what happens.

I just updated my design so please let me know what you think of the new version. I could really use your help and feedback. Thank you so much.


for all the critiques i commented: your welcome ;)

and thx for the great feedback too mine

i'll try paler colors...and maybe add the text

in view on my breaking-through-idea....could u tell me some other ideas to show this except the cracks? would be nice ;)


wow, thats awesome! that'll look really good on a t-shirt and I don't think it needs paler colours, I like the way it throws itself at you, very good.


i like it, looks good.


added the text to the tee, what u think?


good work! Maybe you should remove the cracks. So it will be more clean i think.


i try to give it the breaking-through-touch, but dunno how except with an inner shadow or the cracks


the lines around the bird silhouette do not look like they are connected to the bird. that font has gotta go. I'd play with that rainbow idea too. maybe more of a traditional rainbow.


I would just tighten up the design a little, and maybe consider another font for the letters. Other than that I love it!!!


thanks for your comments, I like the font in this version!!!! I agree about removing the cracks or making the more naturally connected to the bird!!!


i'll try some larger cracks in next version, guess they'd look more realistic... and i'll remove the text on the tee...only for the sup to understand ^^

and actually this isn't a rainbow, its the freedom flag in background ;)

thx for all ur feedback guys =)

pixel pixie

Hi! i really like the simplicity of the 1st version, i think it looked good on a darker tee as it complimented the brightness of the colours in the dove, maybe an earthy toned tee shirt like brown would look good? as for the text, i think that instead of having it separate it would look good incorporated into the image, what about creating the shape of an olive branch in the doves mouth but using the words and shaping them into an olive branch so from a distance it looked like an olive branch but when you get nearer it reads give peace a chance? just a thought :) it is a really strong image, looks good!


it*s a great idea pixie...i'll try, thank u =)

Theo86 profile pic Alumni

This is great, I like your progress, though I feel this could be simple enough without the text it throws it off for me. I love the concept and would wear it, if you take the little cracked lines from outside the bird as well.

Keep it up!

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