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  • by TeaTime
  • posted Aug 22, 2006

So the band geek in me (most of me, acutally) is still trying to figure out what instrument that guy in the picture's holding up. French horn? Marching baritone?

I don't blame them for wacking the trumpet player though. No one likes trumpet players besides other trumpet players anyway, egotistical bastards... :P

Watch this

that might be a mellophone


its not a french horn, the bell is way too small.


It's a trumpet! I swear it is! I had a photograph taken of me holding MY trumpet like that (I play it in a local classical band) and it looked exactly like this picture does. It's no mystery.


I'm as stumped as you are.


They're all correct, there is no question left here: it is a trumpet.




does it really matter!?

Concita shiiift oneee

Trumpet. I actually thought it was a mellophone at first, but then, being a mellophone player myself, the bell of the mellophone is slightly bigger.

If you thought that was a french horn, no offense but you should get your eyes checked.

And trumpet players arent egotistical bastards.
Just by saying that you're coming off as a steryotipical bastard.
(I'm not saying thats what you ARE, I'm saying thats what you seem like by saying that, mmkay? No hard feelings.)


It looks like it could be a flugelhorn. They've got the same bell shape and size, but larger body.


Holy, what's with all the hate? I mean, no one likes the trumpets, but you don't really have to bring it up. It's just common knowledge.


Yes, it's a trumpet. You can tell by the three valves and the way he's holding it with his left hand. Get it? He's holding it the same position as the trumpet player outline on the ground.

Also, he's the lead singer in my favorite band.

Also, I play the trumpet.


i thought it was a trumpet when I first saw it. I guess its because i've never heard of all this other stuff people are saying, like a mellophone for example.


come on, guys, i play the trumpet.

and it's a common misconception that all trumpet players are egotiscal bastards.

unless the fact that i believe that i am humble about my mad trumpet skills makes me egotistical in itself.

in which case you're right.


Right. A flugel has three valves as well (98% of the time). I haven't seen Anathallo live, but if you look at their info no one plays the trumpet. The brass trumpet-like instrument they have is...wait for it...a flugelhorn. And, I too am full of myself: I've a degree in trumpet perf.

It doesn't really matter, in the end. Trumpet, flugel, who gives a crap? It's a neat design.

Sgt. Pepper

mellophone is more or less a marching french horn, let's not get into debate over that though. That instrument is way way too small to be a mello or a baritone, though you hold those like a trumpet as well. It's a trumpet/flugel for sure. I would have thought they'd whack the saxophone, at least I would have taken out the saxes in jazz band (go trombones).


I think it's a trumpet [and apparently so do almost everyone else]

I play the flute regularly, buuuuuut I can play trumpet [and do occasionaly with a jazz band but not very much...] and they aren't all that bad. But in most cases I've seen they're either REALLY good, or REALLY bad.


trumpet players are cool - i know the least egotistical trumpet player....

at least the saxophone player didn't get whacked- phew... i think he's holding a tenor sax too - which is why i'd buy this shirt...


the instrument in the pict. could possibly be a fluglehorn. I play mellophone and trumpet and it is neither one. The bell is too big to be a trumpet and too small to be a mellophone.


I would say it is a trumpet.

And I would say that from my limited experience of knowing just one trumpet player, that they all really suck. Just from the extreme amount that this particular trumpet player sucked. Though he did admit to smoking crack, I do think that the real problem was the trumpet. Completely nuts, violent, & just plain nasty. Very talented though.

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