My super-late blog about my super-great Secret Santa, radiostaticstar!

When I arrived home from work not too long ago, there was a mysterious package waiting for me on the dining table. I tore it open to discover this:

which I then opened to read this:


Underneath that, there were candies:

and some effing delicious chocolate-y, nutty, caramel-y treats:

and some wrapped surprises!

After recuperating a bit from a stomach made too full from gorging on yummy sugary goodness, I unwrapped the prezzies and discovered these:

and these:

My daughter immediately claimed everything for her own (except the soap, because she said she already has a hockey puck), but I'm going to steal back the measuring tape bag as soon as she falls asleep.

Thank you so much, Christian! You successfully brightened up a very dull winter evening with your awesomeness!

Watch this

Woah! Look at all that stuff! So awesome. Love the measuring tape bag :)

I heart burts bees toooooo!


I was trying to explain what lip balm is to my daughter, and when I said it was for lips, she asked, 'Is to eat?'

I said no, and then she stared at me for 10 seconds like that was the most ridiculous thing she's ever heard. I guess most adult things to a three-year-old seem pretty stupid.

Mya Jamila

Krazy Straws! And a dinosaur pen! dies That looks like a really awesome package and, I belive the chocolate thingies Christian had to lie about on the customs report since, in Canada at least, you can't mail perishable/meltable foods.

YUM though.

Also, I like Christian's writing. steals some of it.


The dino pen and twiggy pencil crayons are AMAZING.


Also, I think it's perfectly reasonable to lie on customs forms where meltable chocolate-y nutty caramel-y wonderments are concerned.


Hahaha, yay!


Those candy canes are fecking delicious, I have to pace myself.


Finished the last of the candy canes last night.

I have no regrets.

Except for having no more candy canes.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni


also that candy looks so delicious!


Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

I want to live in a small alcove on Peanut Butter Mountain


I hear the mudslides there are simply delicious!

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