Half way done! - Shooting for 34 designs this year (20/34)

I started 2011 with only sixty-six total designs submitted in the five years I have been here. This year I'm going to try for thirty-four to give me a hundred total.

Here I go (20/34):

Average score: 3.01
Printed designs: 3

Watch this

also good luck bro


Awesome! This news totally just made my day :)

reags profile pic Alumni

oh wow neverending mess is soooo good!

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I'm really looking forward to this!

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yeohgh profile pic Alumni

YESS u can do it and pls make it to 200 hahaha!!! i want your amazing PRINT on SHIRT!!!!!

Leroy_Hornblower profile pic Alumni

Haha. Thirty four designs might not sound like a lot to some of you, but it will be a challenge for me considering I have never subbed more than sixteen in a single year.

Now if only we can get David and Esther to do the same.

Thanks again everyone!


I really like your designs! I wish I could pay for all of the shirts I like, but there are so many (: good luck with 34 designs!

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Now if only we can get David and Esther to do the same.

This isn't me you're talking about...is it? If so, I'd give it a shot.


That's awesome, love your work Leroy.

Your style has inspired a design of my own. I'm still trying to complete a design from start to finish, I don't think I have yet. I have posted a new design to the critique thread and I'm stuck. I have no idea how to improve it. But, it feels uneventful and plain. If you have the time and you don't mind I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or comments.

Chance of...


I absolutely ADORE your illustration style, and can't wait for Never-ending Mess, Curling, and Style Points to get printed.

Can't wait to see what else you crank out this year!


Very ambitious goal - looking forward to seeing your future designs.


congrats on the new print man.




3 weeks in a row!! So awesome! :D


Its your year bro.

Leroy_Hornblower profile pic Alumni

Two new designs up. I took a step back from my usual cutesy style for these two. I often fear all my stuff will start looking too much alike if I don't mix it up every once in awhile.



Any movement on the project? shot me an email, maybe i can help you on something your stuck with.


Totally relevant fact: Designs you post on the left score higher than the ones on the right.

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Yo Andy! Lovin' Skyrides, man.

If you think about it, you're at 11/34, which equates to about 32%. I'm at 8/30, which sits me at about 27%...not too far off your steady pace! Thanks again for the continued motivation and best of luck to you as you continue chasin the dream haha

Leroy_Hornblower profile pic Alumni

Yes, yes. I am embarrassed by recent lack of productivity... and I was doing so well for awhile there too.

I must get back on the wagon.

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