Chinese Peaches

Chinese Peaches

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Hey is this for real, I just got this e-mail five minutes ago that this design has been reprinted and I've been waiting for this moment for a long time, but it says it's already sold out in every size. Is that right? I really wanted this shirt... it's so great... ;__;


..hunh. No men's sizes. I don't like babydoll shirts but I do love this design. So, guess that's out


Oh nvm it works now. Weird. But yay! So happy!! This shirt is great!


I wish this print was also in men's in a teal or light grey.


aww man i just got the reprint email too. but the open neck shirts dont come in my size :(


I've wanted this shirt for so long! Bought one, maybe I should get a back-up...


I was also hoping for a men's print.


Re: men's shirts: I ordered a girly small and it's a bit loose on me, probably more of a typical ladies' medium (this is right after putting it on, before the stretching even starts). Your typical slim to average to slightly heftier guy could probably get away with the girly L or XL - no one has to know!


Omgggggg. This is the best thing I've ever seen since crack, hands down, best design. Must. Have :|


A lot of guys asked me where to find this tshirt so I think a guy edition is definitely needed! REPRINT! ^___^


Please reprint! I need this!


Wore mine out, then finally managed to ruin it yesterday with yellow nail polish...please reprint! I need more lemon ladies, as my botanically challenged boyfriend likes to call them.


I have this shirt from the first printing in men's XL...the shirt is more of a pale pink than the peachy color shown here. This is a really cool design, but I haven't worn it in years due to a substantial weight loss. I hate that its not getting used when someone could be enjoying it, & have only held onto it because i really liked it a lot...If anyone is interested, please let me know & let's see if we can make a deal. :-)



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