Should I return my new phone and get an iphone?

I just bought a Huawei U8100

I got a really cheap plan with it - unlimited talk, text, data, long distance calling to the U.S. The phone itself is kind of garbage though, with a lousy touch screen and really frustrating scrolling. I'm jealous of my brother's iphone. It's so much better, but also so much more expensive. I have to decide whether to return the Huawei within the next few days.

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Also, you and terry shouldve came out last night!

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go iphone. you won't have any regrets.


i vote no :P

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NO!! Get an android if you're provider offers them. Waaaaay better than an iphone. All my friends with iphones tell me how jealous they are of my HTC incredible. My boyfriend has the Droid X which is also good too and expecially for guys since the screen is a little bigger giving you a better typing surface for man fingers.

Droids are way more powerful than iPhones and you can multi-task. I can run google maps and pandora at the same time while still receiving phone calls and not having to exit either previous program.

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The new iphones can also multi-task.

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do it - iphone is the best dude

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also happy new year eric!

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Apple will control all markets eventually, so switching now will safe time.


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do it.


I have an HTC Desire and looooove it.

By most accounts Android is poised to have it's biggest year ever and likely overtake Apple in the smartphone consider that. Shit's about to get even awesomer. :)

the czar

iPhone supposed to be announced for verizon tomorrow.

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dude, the touch screen on your phone is basically unusable. If it's not too late go for an iphone, you won't regret it.


myteemo on Jan 10 '11 at 12:12pm The new iphones can also multi-task.

Johnny Baboon
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i have an android, and i'll be getting an iphone soon, once they come out on verizon, which will hopefully be tomorrow.

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jeffreyg on Jan 09 '11 at 10:58am Yes.

Also, you and terry shouldve came out last night!

Sorry I missed you and the gang Jeff, would have loved to have seen you guys, but I'm recovering from this flu that's been going around and was in rough shape that night. Sent Adam a message explaining, but not sure if he got it because he never responded.

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Sayonara, Huawei U8100. God how I've hated you.

My buddy just gave me his old iphone 3G since he recently upgraded to the 4GS. Still a vast improvement over the Huawei which sucks monkey balls.



i've never had an iphone

i have a droid

they are all nice toys that can occasionally make/receive phone calls


that's nice of your friend!

i want an iphone pretty badly.

it's just so expensive.

1000 bucks is a lot for a phone.

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