A Twist to the Evolution Theory

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true fiction

Mr Darwins Theory never expected this from Ms Eva Lution.


Really cool concept, I like your color choice

true fiction

:) thanks!! but I'm gonna hold off from submitting for a bit as I'd lke to hear what some more people have got to say


true fiction

I was actually thinking of having "Mr Darwins Theory never expected this from Ms Eva Lution" writte on the back , centred and just below the collar... any thoughts about this?


I think its great but I have one suggestion: make the cracked open egg and the giraffe lower on the tee.

return the favor? Sky Giant


Doncha got too many colors there?

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This is pretty funny. This just may be my thing but I think the bright red against the bright blue is a little harsh. Maybe darken the red or choose a different shirt color? I don't think you need the sentence on the back, it's funny just like this.


I like the idea, I think you should clean up the illustration and add some perspective like a dropshadow.

If you have time do you think that you could score and comment on my design? Thanks!

LedKiss/DC n\' Roses

i agree with some of the comments above: no text, and move the giraffe down....should the giraffe also be like a chicken-giraffe mix? that would be funny too...either way really. adding perspective would also be good


i'd suggest moving the giraffe somewhere else, it looks a bit cramped.

maybe make the roosters larger and have them in the foreground with the giraffe egg in the back?

true fiction

Pyros82.... Damn - I think you're right... 1 colour too many which makes me think adding a shadow will be undo-able but will lower the egg and giraffe

true fiction

ps... thanks for the help folks - will get a V2 up by the end of the week end


Haha, funny stuff. I would think about maybe something different than just a plain giraffe, like other people have said but that's up to you...


amazing, maybe work on composition a bit more...


A bit of shadow, repositioning the giraffe, maybe adding some more details and it would be perfect. Like the idea !

BrandonMichael profile pic Alumni

Haha yea, love the concept. Great T, and thanks for checking out Mine


hah so random but pretty awesome


I didn't read through all the comments, so I apologize if my crit is redundant.

The illustration is done well, but I feel that the two subjects (the chickens, the giraffe) are a little static.

They don't seem to quite go together.

Maybe if you lowered the giraffe, put a bolder line on it, then increased the size, it may help to emphasis the "story" of the image.


Thats great, but the giraffe could be farther away and shadows could prove helpful as well, otherwise it looks great

Please score Astromen


This is good, I'd buy one. How in the hell does a giraffe impregnate a chicken? lol

true fiction

Some minor repairs done here: cleaned up the image adding some details to the cockerel, hen and egg shell; distanced the giraffe down a bit; changed colour of the hen to comply wit the 8 colour policy; made it larger.

Didn't add the shadow as I'm out of colours to do so; didn't add feathers or chicken feet to the giraffe as I don't think I need to make the joke THAT obvious.

Cheers for the feedback!! What do yo think of this one?

true fiction

Changed the proportions and locations a bit...

true fiction

hmm I thought so too, but will see what other say?


Funny, I wanted to say something like "ColeAdnJosephine".

Also maybe you can add some shadows or reflections ??


I love the concept, but the elements need reigning in to become one. How about if ma and pa were stood arguing over their new chiraffe baby, with the baby being on the same plane of perspective between their feet? A wee bit of resizing and perhaps you'd need the baby 2 overlap them in the foreground, but I think that could really help unify the whole design.

Good work tho and great idea, it's very funny!

Good luck with it :-D


After reading the previous comments thoroughly (doh! moment) I realise that that goes against previous advice you've been given.

I stand by my suggestion but I think the solution here is better use of perspective to give a sense of space and depth. Perhaps the baby in the foreground to one side, with parents in the back?

Also just an afterthought but give that kid some chicken wings and pop him in a nest-then he'd be a real 'chiraffe'!

You've used the feedback you've been given well so I'm sure you'll nail this design if u keep at it! Good luck :-D


yes i agree that the giraffe needs to retain some chicken-like features


yes! giraffe does need some chicken like features ^, it is a funny shirt! pretty neat idea eh!


Agree with other comments - add some tiny wings, and sort out the perspective and I think you're on a winner!

true fiction

Hahaha - what to do when advice starts to contradict itself...

Well I got some ideas about the persective - I reckon the giraffe will remain in the foreground but will be bigger than the chickens.

I appreciate and respect your advice about the giraffe being more chicken like but I think that's just tacky! All of you got the joke so that bit ain't broken so why fix it (besides, giraffes have the dominant genes so the offspring takes after dad)

Cheers everyone! Will try and sort it out today and I'm guessing the next version will be the final (fingers crossed)


I think the chicken are just a little high, maybe bring the whole design down just a little bit

true fiction


New version: still no mixed giraffe/chicken, but the thing was how to distance the giraffe whilst getting it closer as were the suggestion...

My solution was to straighten Jr out a bit, he's not hutched over like in the previous editions. So.. he's close to mum and dad but his body is further down as to not clutter it up.

He's also bigger in proportion which gives it a bit of perspective. And the whole thing has been moved down.

Thanks for all the ideas folks - I reckon I'll push this through unless someone can give me something really useful to UP the perspective.



ha funny. maybe some shading would help.


Great tee. i agree with prolifik, maybe some more shading on the rooster's feathers, slightly off colour of the feather's colour (if you get what i mean).

true fiction

Same placement - added to feathers to the hen just to give a hint of variety but still keeping it simple

Cheers everyone - I'm gonna Submit!!!! Wish me luck


good luck:)


Version 1 is better in that the scale of giraffe to chickens and proxsimity (spelling?) to each other. i also like the hen's color in 1 better. v5 they look like 2 different chartoons because of the separation. score my slogans, please: my_slogans

Links Arsenal

Cant wait to see it get submitted, nice work :)

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