India Garland

  • by Artiii
  • posted Jan 05, 2011

Watch this

This design is meant to look like a messy necklace. The design draws inspiration from a previous series of textile pieces that were exhibited as unwearable necklaces. rnrnMy work usually focuses on mundane, everyday life and details in India and I use photography, collage, embroidery, digital print etc. in my artwork. This design makes reference to the hodge-podge of electricity cables, a common sight in India, and images of traffic, bulls (also seen on the road) and dish antennae.


What are those above the cow? I reckon the thing that stuck out of the scooter rider are street lamps? Nice idea and concept, the implementation however, needs to be improved.

You are more than welcome to add extra input to my: 1) lamb 2) koala


Thanks Amantium. They are dish antennae

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