my secret santa haul 2010

hey everybody!
sorry this has taken me a bit to get it posted,
but my laptop has taken ill & my internet access limited as a result.

but check out my goodies!

yay! here it is!


look at all the presents! such cool wrapping paper too!

hey! it's boy-pourri!

oh my maple goodness!

wrapping inside more wrapping! the playing card tags are cool!
my grandparents had that very deck! so cool!

a cool old tin! old tins are the best!
i can put my stuff in there!

yay! killer tea!

oh wow! this stuff is amazing!

ooh! another package within a package!

i love love love vintage & real picture postcards!
so rad!

cool! i dig old gardening books!

this one is really cool!

oh ya, it's a stinker! ha-ha
i love that it's just 1003!

now this is super rad! i love these sort of cookbooks!

this totally fits!


it's these sort of cookbooks that you find recipes like this!

and stuff like this!

i love it!

i like the looks of this!

oh fudge!


the fudge was amazing to say the least! so much goodness!

oh, what's this?



i do love me a jolly rancher, especially the watermelon ones,
and that honey candy is my new favorite thing, ever. soo good!

everything altogether!

also, you had no way of knowing, but i dropped & shattered the last latch top bell jar. these old ones are hard to find that still latch & seal! this is awesome!

sorry it took me a little bit to get this blog up. it was fun opening the package christmas day. i'm glad that i did, so that i could share all that fudge with everyone and to save the risk of them finding me in a sugar coma & a danger to myself.

the tea, the tea, the tea is amazing!
the caramel is really good, but that coconut takes the prize.
everything was so much fun & that cookbook is the best!

thank you so much jeanette/jet approves!

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ir0cko profile pic Alumni

awesome loot!!!


Wow. Awesome package! I have a craving for fudge now!

Love that little newspaper clipping hidden in the cookery book. Super cute!


so much great stuff! that fudge was amazing! it's a tie between the hazelnut & choco-peanut butter for the best one! that wedding announcement was perfect, i love finding stuff like that!

reags profile pic Alumni

haha that's some funky cool books you received!


such an awesome package! I love the fudge, it looks delicious. Now I want some! :D


Haha, that's an awesome ss gift!


awwww, nice! so much thought went into it. I love that!

d3d profile pic Alumni

sweet. awesome parcel. my grandma used to preserve fruit in those jars. they're fun to open.


cool cookbooks and that fudge looks amazing!


wow, great work jeanette!

Mya Jamila



Jeanette better tell me how to make the pumpkin one.

I'm glad you finally opened it Christian. :P

jet approves

yay, i'm glad it all made its way to you safely. i was worried the glass jar might break and that would have been sad considering it's lasted over a century already. but it survived, so :).

mya, i don't know how to make fudge, either. i got it at this country market near my school. i've only ever had samples, but they've been delicious.


thanks so much! that jar is the best & thanks to bubblewrap for doing what it do!

that fudge was a big hit too! my mom & sister have been googling pumpkin fudge recipes.

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