American Apparel Y or N?

Do you like American Apparel shirts or prefer the thicker Gildan or Fruit of the Loom?

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I personally love my AA shirts, but then again the Gildan/FotL aren't bad...

I would have to choose AA though.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

I am soon going to see what AA is like, I'll get back to you.


umm i like the AA better because there thinner but i dont mind the fotl ones either.


I don't really care about thickness one way or another. Super thin light-colored shirts are a pain, but eh. Whaddayagonnndoaboutit?

I like 100% cotton, though. That makes me happy.


I like how AA fits better.



but theres problems with both. threadless needs to switch to something new for both sexes


I like AA.


I like them. I don't like overly thick shirts. They're hard to layer :P I'm all about layering.


AA are softer i think.
i like them better.


AA i think feel better, but I too have no trouble with the others


I actually like the feel of the AA shirts better. I used to swear up and down that I would never buy an AA shirt, but I finally caved and bought some Selects, and I love them. However, I love the FoTL shirts too, and they are a bit easier to take care of than the AA shirts (I don't have to worry about shrinking them in the laundry).


Love the cut and fit of the AAs. Don't much care about shirt thickness.

jwalsh profile pic Alumni

i like aa, but i dont like how inconsistent the sizes are


I probably wouldn't even bother wearing the shirts if the girly sizes weren't printed on AA. I'd only order it if the design was amazing...

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

i like AA a lot..


jwalsh, fotl has just as bad, maybe worse, inconsistencies within sizes. each color can be a different size length, width, etc. ive even gotten two shirts of the same color that fit differently

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yeah i like the way AA fits me but their sizing is inconsistent.
however, the no sweatshop thing is cool (even if the ceo is a sex addict), theres lotsa colors and they dont fade much.

i always order large though, even though im more of a medium, i like my shirts a little baggy.


AA fits perfectly. Why can't the other companies make sleeves like that?


AA only fits perfectly about 1/3 of the time.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

plus teh annoying shrinkage factor


aaah. got cut off.

100% cotton=love, shrinkage=:(

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