NOO!! My Fav Threadless shirt!!

  • by kkjelden
  • posted Aug 18, 2006

The collar on this got bleached the FIRST time I washed this!! I waited forever for it to be reprinted too :-(

Watch this

One time I put a brand spanking new shirt into a load of towels by accident with tons and tons and tons of bleach, but it was wrapped up in one of them so it was safe!


sometimes when i sweat it kinda bleaches the collar of shirts that i wear.. i think it's from the medicine i use on my skin. sorry about that though!


That's what happens to my sister's shirts and my shirts when she wears them.


my russell shirt some how got a mysterious blue spot on it, so i feel you.


Mine got bleached on the collar too the first time i washed was sad but nothing is gonna stop me from wearing it

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