Is a 2.71 a bad score?

This was my first submission, and I suppose I had the idea in my head that my score would be a little higher (I suppose everyone who submits has this same idea) however the final score was a 2.71, which to me doesn't seem very good. What are other people's thoughts? I wasn't necessarily expecting to get printed on my first try, however I am a little discouraged, should I be?

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2.71 is a pretty decent score. 3 and upwards used to be pretty rare, but exceptionally popular designs have broken the 4 lately.

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I would be proud of a 2.71. The highest I have ever received is a 2.9 and my lowest is a 2.2.


It's a good score. And your design is really nicely drawn. Keep at it!

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hm, i think that 2.71 for your design is underscored,but for first sub is lets say... ok score. I think that your style is fantastic and you have great future here,man. Good luck!


Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I got some ideas sketched out that I think I'm gonna start executing. If anything the excitement of having a design in the running is certainly worth some of the work.

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hah i haven't scored a 2.71 in a's good!!!!! my first sub or a 1.6 or something like that


I'd kill for a 2.71. Get me someone to kill quick!

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The comments are often a pretty big sign of how popular the design was as well, and you got lots of comments. You'll do pretty good.


Yeah, not a bad score.


Haha, my first two subs got something like 1.5. In over twenty subs, I've only scored higher than 2.7 once. Keep up the good work!

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2.7 is a good score, personally I think your design should have sored higher.

You obviously have skills, and I see you being printed in the near future.

Keep it up!


Thanks guys, I'm definitely gonna keep submitting work, I really appreciate all the encouraging comments, they've given me the motivation to keep at it. You guys rock!


Also, it's not just the score that decides on if a design prints or not. TL takes into account the designs popularity through the comments as well as what they know will sell. They've got years of experience seeing which designs sell better than others, so sometimes they pick some designs that have scored kinda low, just because they know they will sell in the store. At least that's the impression I get, I don't have any proof, though.

And 2.7 is a good score, and your design is very good.


2.7 is NICE! my first got dropped after a day with a 1.8 so yeah..

and if you look at it his way: if you can score from 0-5 then: 0=0% 0.5=10% 1=20% 1.5=30% 2=40% 2.5=50% 3=60% 3.5=70% 4=80% 4.5=90% 5=100% grins it's more like european grading... in the US I did not have too uch trouble getting A's(5's) in Europe one is quite happy with a 3.5(on the above scale) (sorry, got carried away with the numbers)

Keep em coming, I'm sure eventually one will get printed!


hah! luck u guys! my scores are like 1.53 - 1.8! =( neverthless, i'll try to improve more!!!!

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With the score drop since scores have been revealed for the entire duration of the scoring process, I think any score above 2.7 is actually very good.


Someone above said that threadless have some weight in what gets printed besides the scoring process - is that true?? If any of you guys who've had tees printed could throw the final scores in your posts here, that'd be ace - would love to be able to have some idea of the scoring range that gets printed, as i'm sure most peeps would.

love this thing.

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