Here's the deal, threadless.

Hello Threadless blogs,

I don't come around much anymore. Or, I do, but then don't feel like I belong all that much anymore. It's nothing anyone did, just more a natural "growing out" of a forum. Threadless was once upon a time, my first internet pitstop. Now it's a distant 4th or 5th in my routine, if it comes up at all.

I guess I was never the "most involved" blogger, but I knew some of you and enjoyed your e-company. That hasn't really changed.

Anyways, I don't know if I especially have a point here. But I did juuuust set up a twitter account. It'd be cool to follow some of you peeps, keep in touch even though I'm not really around the blogs. I'd still love to get updates on your projects, artwork, and lives.

Follow me if you like. But share your twitters, please n thanks! :)

Love, Julie

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sonmi profile pic Alumni

i'm not really on the blogs either... follow'd

andyg profile pic Alumni

Done and done.

the czar

I feel ya. The blogs have never been so bad. It is more about promOtion and scoring than any kind of real social interaction. And with peope choosing to do the chat rooms instead, it is often unbelievably dead here


I'm following you.

All over town. ._.


just sent a follow request!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I would totally follow you on Twitter if I enjoyed participating on twitter in the least, can we be/are we already Facebook friends?

Sorry to hear you won't be comin round here no' mo'...I think there's still plenty of social interaction, but most of it I can't get into because it's a continuation of postings from ThreadFriends or BaconTaco or Twitter or some other Threadworld outposting.

You gotta come back when the new slogan tee voting systems are in effect/the relaunch of the OSC!


I don't necessarily mean to say that I won't be coming around the Threadblogs anymore....just that I do it a lot less and generally find it less fulfilling, lately.


i completely understand this.

spacesick 2

it's probably my fault

it's always my fault


part of me thinks thing would improve if we stopped talking about how bad the blogs have become and actually start talking to each other but its probably not that simple.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Apparently I have a Twitter account since I just got shitloads of emails telling me a load of Threadless folk are following me. I've never used it though and never will.

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

sent a follow request too :D


One time Kayce IMed me just to tell me she won a TV.



jeffreyg profile pic Alumni


spacesick 2

lol, Kayce and I had an AIM conversation about this last night


Just sent you a request. I feel basically the same way. :)


aww I feel the same way, we can be twitter franz!


btw my twitter name is malliebee, although I doubt anyone thinks my tweets are that fascinating hahaha


Welcome to my butthole, wierdo

Retroludo profile pic Alumni

I very much share your sentiments on the blog community. I've only read your comments/post a few times but you will be missed.


Hey! I never talked to you very much, but I always looked out for your comments because you had interesting things to say. I've sent a request (I'm yabbigator)


ISABOA profile pic Alumni

i blame spacesick

I'll just follow you around irl ok? ok cool


ill follow you. :)


awww you are so sweet i hope you are doing wel!! :D


The language barrier between Julie and I makes things so difficult. I can't speak Canadian very well. :(


Lucky for you Alvin, there are several available translators.

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