• by lardossa
  • posted Dec 17, 2010


Watch this

I would love to sing under it at the appropriate scenario =D


awwww...... I'm with Stencileer. Definitely song&dance routine worthy....


once i have money back, i'm totally buying this


too pricey...


Too pricey for that kind of umbrella and I don't like how short the handle is when it's extended.


nice... but not $35 nice


Omgz if only I didn't need an umbrella :P


bought and received it today! It's great quality. Worth $35!


i'm so bump. it says made in china -.-"


Pretty nice in appearance, but didn't last a month, even in the absence of wind. Not worth the shipping to get a replacement. Avoid and get a black umbrella.


This is a lovely umbrella, but I'm concerned about the comment that said it didn't last. Any other feedback about this? I've been looking for a vented umbrella, but I don't want one that's going to break after one rainstorm.

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I know I work here so maybe you won't believe me, but I've had one of these umbrellas for a very long time. It's held up great, and is extremely well made imo, and I live in "The Windy city" so..... :)


Finally we got our first rain in 2 months... now I have an excuse :+)


i should've picked this up while it was on sale... i do like it, but i just can't see spending $35 on it. perhaps if i wait patiently it will go on sale again?


oh my goodness, i didn't know threadless had umbrellas...is it durable? there should be more reviews about it's quality. :) thankyou!


My umbrella lasted nearly 2 years in Chicago wind and rain. Today it finally flipped inside out and one of the posts bent. I was able to bend it back, but I remember seeing something about lifetime guarantee that I must have lost... does anyone have that information?


is this durable? i see one person who has owned one, but i live in seattle... LOTS of rain, and quite a bit of wind. will this hold up as well as a standard length one?


I got the "waves" umbrella a few months ago and it's great. It has flipped out for me once in strong winds but I flipped it back and it hasn't happened since. It's sturdy and I love the size; the handle is a perfect size and it's comfortable to hold. The one complaint I have is that the spokes have started to rust even though I always leave the umbrella open to dry once I get indoors. But overall I think that it's a great quality umbrella and worth the price.


Please reprint!!!


please reprint this


i am the creator of this pattern and need more for christmas gifts. Please reprint them.


Aw. I ordered this one a year and a half ago and it just broke :( Plz reprint, I really need a replacement to withstand this awful Dutch climate!

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