Technicolour Rex

Technicolour Rex

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WOW! what a beautiful idea of having a hook 2 hold ur headphone in sync. manner. I believe even any of the sports were apparels has it yet... in their chain of supply.


Is there any way to get an art print of this?


Please get more of the singlet :)


Please get more of the singlet :)


This design is amazing, please reprint guys tshirt size large.


Please reprint guys whit t-shirts! I have wanted one for ages!!! I absolutely love the design and so badly want a white one in medium!


I think this is the most awesome design in Threadless.


My favorite design. Everyone i met loves it so freaking much.


I want so much! Brilliant and fun design


My 3-year-old girl really wants this shirt, please make it available in 4T !


The T-rex is the king of the dinosaur era, and can be taken as a likeness to the mainstream aspects of society today. The vomiting of the rainbow signifies the T-rex's rejection of homosexuality. Yet with the demise of the dinosaurs also falls their out-dated devolved perceptions, which implies how such refutation of gay acceptance is an attitude that's better off dead. The "Streisand effect" is also observed, for if the T-rex had just swallowed his anti-gay pride then his immediate surroundings would not be covered in such iconic beauty for all to see.


Burningfeetman (below) claims "The vomiting of the rainbow signifies the T-rex's rejection of homosexuality." Sorry, I didn't see it that way. As a Gay man, I purchased this design because of the T-rex's proud ROARING of the rainbow. But that's just my interpretation. I've had many people tell me what a cool shirt it is.


Can you tell me what size of Hoody is wearing the male model in the picture, so I can have a better idea of the sizes, please?


Why can't people just love rainbows without it being a gay thing? I mean seriously, why take our rainbows? I would buy this just because I'm a hetero girl who loves rainbows ffs.


He's not gay. He just has a Skittles intolerance.


Beauty comes from within us all - like rainbows from fearsome dark T-Rex. Just enjoy the colours!


One of my favorite tees.


Please make this in a 4T / bigger kids sizes! My 4 year old adores rainbows. And dinosaurs! It'd be the perfect pressie BUT too big... :'(


I bought the dark gray zip up of this beautiful rainbow puking t-rex yesterday (a Tuesday) around 10:30am. By 11:30am it was processed and shipped via Standard Ground. I spent the extra $4 to get it anywhere from 1-5 days after ordering, assuming I would probably get it on Friday. At about 9:00am today (Wednesday) it was delivered to me. BEST $4 DECISION EVER.

This zip up is not only comfortable, it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I bought a large, since it's a unisex zip up and it fits perfectly. I normally wear a Large or Extra Large shirt (depending on the style). I'm never taking this zip up off. Ever.

Buxtable Williams

I don't know how to request a reprint for the tank. Do that. I want that. Please.


I LOVE THIS shirt!


My all-time favorite, and I've purchased ~20 items. Unfortunately, my DNA dictates that I buy only sale items :/


Rainbow blast !


I have this as a shirt and a phone case! The phone case has protected my iPhone 5 for over 2 years without breaking, and it's always a conversation starter! And the shirt is definitely my favorite to wear to Pride events!


If the picture of the design has a grey background, why is the T-Shirt white?


Re-print for the tanks pls!


Great design, would be awesome in kids sizes, would definitely buy for my boys.


Please Re-Print the Tees!


Tanktop re-reprint please


Reprint more tees (size s) in this please!!


I would by a tank if it's re-printed


very nice


Would by at least 2 of the tanks if reprinted. Also im pretty sure the tank is the one with the most interest :P


Would love the tank re-printed, preferably racerback :)


Would love the tank re-printed, preferably racerback :)


this is the best tshirt ever. i have bought it worn it out and bought it again. i would buy a reprint.


Will we get reprints of Mans Tee 2XL ? I'm a big guy :/

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