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Bleh, just received mine, and I see that everyone is complaining about the paint/glue. I had the same problem, but there's also white paint everywhere inside the tshirt and makes it unwearable since it's all scratchy... I think I'll stop buying during "sale" rush... I always had problem with shirts I bought during those time...


Love the design more than I can describe in words, but I'd say 60% of my shirt arrived "stuck" together and stiff, I guess from the starch or glue? I had to rip it apart myself, and it still feels more like a tablecloth than a tshirt. Had splatters of white paint on the inside too. Had some paint missing around the shoulder seam, but honestly it's the starchy, scratchy feel of the material that has me really disappointed. Reposting but, will this starchy/scratchiness go away in the wash?


I just got mine as well, and yep, stuck together and paint missing around the shoulder / seam. Maybe a bad print run for everybody that slipped past quality control?


My shirt is also stuck together and starchy with paint splotches. Sad, as I really like it, but feel that it could be unwearable due how the shirt feels.

Has anyone tried washing theirs? Did it help? I'd like to try washing it to see if that would make it wearable/softer, but once washed it's not returnable.

I'm stuck!


Those of you who are having a problem with lack of colour is this connected to only the t-shirts or does it affect the hoodies as well?

electric_method profile pic Alumni

@LightuptheStorm - The hoodie actually is printed great, true to the pictures for me! I didn't get any tees from this run though so no word on that.


I have the same issue, I bought one for myself and 3 for friends. I'd hate to give a subpar gift.


I want this so bad but there are none left D': Please do a reprint PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Reprint for Male hoody with zipper medium size please.

electric_method profile pic Alumni

@Yojimbo_Bobobo Great news! the current "Threadless Hoody" is the hoody seen in the pictures and DOES have a zipper, and IS in stock in medium!


One of the best T-shirts ever made. Awesome.


Great shirt, not that of a good quality print. After one delicate laundry, 30% of the colors kind-of faded. the dino became gray. Abit disappointed. (Other shirts from Threadless didn't have this effect.)


I was so excited about this shirt! but pretty disappointing printing... I'm kind of afraid to wash this.


Has anyone had any problems with the print quality of the hoodys, or is it just the T-shirts that are giving people problems?

Also, is it just shirts from the most recent print run that are having quality issues, or did earlier versions of the shirt also have this problem?



You can return these and get a refund or have them send you a good one from the next run. I got two of these from two separate runs and they were great.

electric_method profile pic Alumni

@ bgcusick - the print on the hoodie was great on the two I've ordered! And I also have shirts from the previous runs prior to the most recent, and they are great print quality. :) Hope this helps!

@ Everyone else that got a defective print - e-mail threadless customer service! They've been very understanding & gracious with my complaints in the past, so I'm sure they'll help you out.


I've written a long comment about how my t-shirt's printing is defective and how I am unsatisfied with customer service's response but when I posted the comment, it turned out to be just an unhappy smiley face? What's this about?


the hoodie that is, please!


D: Only shirt i want and its sold out


REPRINT... third time ive sent it in like 2 months


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The reverse side of the print has a sort of gummy residue, I thought maybe a delicate handwash may resolve this but other comments here suggest that may wash the colours out and/or shrink the shirt. Any suggestions? Am in Australia so returning this for an exchange would not be cost-effective.


Reprint please!

robic profile pic Alumni

my favourtie design!


please reprint wtf


Reprint for zip up hoody medium size please!


I ordered the wrong size hoody and now the size i need is sold out... Please reprint!


reprint medium pls




Love the design, but i hate the skull and crossbones on the front of the hoodie :/


danigit i ordered the wrong size too :( i need a men's large reprint!!!!!!! pretty please?




Love love love this shirt but print fading after only 2 washes which is very disappointing. Especially the black part of Dino. Also, some sections of shirt near sleeve missing print altogether due to creases there during printing :(


Amazing design but I agree with other posters, the design wasn't printed very well at all. There are gaps around the sleeve where it was creased and a little stuck together! All my other shirts have been fine but I wouldn't recommend this one unfortunately :(


Got to say although all other t-shirts from here have been great this one hasn't turned out so well. As said below there's gaps around the sleeve and my t-shirt seemed to be totally glued together. I had to gently tear it apart inside, throughout the entire t-shirt, through the sleeves etc. Like the inside was totally stuck together with fabric glue. It's unwearable right now as it's all scratchy inside, I'm hoping going through the wash will sort it out.


please reprint girly zipups


I just received my hoodie in the size I normally get that fits me (Small) and the sleeves feel like they are going to rip when I put it on. Can you please reprint in medium for it? I love the design and I'm bummed I can't wear it.


Repriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiint !! I sent the first one for a change, and went sold out by the time... And now I'm stuck with 19$ in ticket without anything to buy, except this one. GO REPRINT.


Gah I neeed reprint of this, I ordered one ages ago but have since discovered the sizing info is wrong (I am actually 2 shirt sizes smaller than the chart says I should be?) mine also has the crease / gap on the sleeve, so...reprint? :D


reprint girly medium!!!!! This is my favorite shirt ever and i need it!



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