Skater Grid

Watch this

I was going for almost a pop art type of feeling with the silhouettes going outside of the lines. let me know what you think I can do to improve it.


good concept..check no more 8 colors

please score my design here


fewer images. maybe use the grids and colors to highlight different parts of one move. stop motion to show motion.


nice. try on other shirt colours

anyway, please critique mine


Definitely take out a few images. Simplify. Good idea though.


so how many do you think i should cut it down to? a 4x2 design maybe? and are you suggesting using the colors inside the silhouettes? I might have to give that a shot


okay, what are your thoughts on this now? better choices?


I am picturing this design. Slightly distressed, maybe faded a little on a light grey shirt. Maybe instead of perfect squares use round edge rectangles and vary the spacing. Sorry I can picture it, not sure if my description makes sense.

You are on the way.


by distressed what do you mean? like maybe add some noise? more of an earthy feel or what? and i used blue to be able to stay in the 8 color limit

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