Sleeping in Sydney?! Some advices?

Hi community!

Sorry, that I couldn't vote and post stuff for the last month, but I'm currently traveling around New Zealand (awesome islands!). the next destination is sydney for a week.

That's why I'm asking you guys (maybe we have some locals here?!):
Do you know a good place to stay (cheap and comfy for 3 people?)

Also any other tips are more than welcome - good bars, nice things, cool shops (I would really like to buy a vinyl toy as a souvenir)

cheers - pingu

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I trust that was a typo Jeb lol

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If you're looking @ cheap - then backpacker motels are where it's at. There's a few in the city and is local to the pubs/clubs/etc.

What kind of vinyl toy? If you head to Darling Harbour - the shopping centre in there is packed with about 10 tourist shops, if that's what you're after.

Must do -

  • The Rocks (right now there's Markets by the Moonlight every Friday night until Feb)
  • Opera House (opposite the Rocks...5mins walk)
  • Harbour Bridge (also 5mins from The Rocks)
  • Pitt St Mall - a new Westfield just opened...probably be more entertaining for the ladies but still stuff around there for blokes

I need to head out now but I'll grab you some addresses and more places to visit later tonight.

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@ Jebbie: we are going to be there from the 15. dec on for a week

@ reage: wow, thanks a lot, and I'm looking forward for the other adresses. - backpacker motels: yeah, We will try that, we also tried CouchSurfing, but none of them wrote us back (not too easy to find a place for 3 people) - Vinyl toy: I'm looking more for those kind of Vinyl Toys, not the tourist stuff - I bought already enough of those things in NZ =D

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