Imagine all the Wizards

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The House of HAHA

Imagine all the Wizards. The modern british invasion has transformed from a band of musicians to a schools for Wizards. This is a hand illustrated graphic. Please let me know what you think and any advise that you may have. The colors and placement of them are based off of the ones used from the Imagine album cover. I've gone back and forth on the text. Imagine all the Wizards is too long. The alt for it would say "WIZARDS" in the same type of font. Going with a white tee color. This is my second critique submission for threadless but will be my fist submission. ENJOY!!!


Hey!! Cool! I wouldn't change a thing.


AWESOME!!! If this get printed, i will get one for me. Submit it!!!

anyway, if you have any free time, please score my LOVE and critique my new design: 4 monkeys re-mix


good look in t shirt...original...i think no change nothing and submit...

please score my design here

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