• by JanDeA
  • posted Dec 08, 2010

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I wanted to do a love theme for the upcoming Love Challenge but I wanted to use another color other than red for my design. I love the blue and orange contrasts and like the tattoo feel. Let me know what you think. There is always room for improvement. rnThanks


Blue and orange are really good together. The butterflies are awesome, I'm not quite as fond of the heart though, maybe if you could incorporate it as the pattern on the butterfly, like the butterfly spreading it's wings, or maybe make it slightly more leaf shape? Not sure.

I'd appreciate feedback too


I was thinking of that as well. I will have to try it out! Thanks Noelhathorn great idea.


Thanks JuuiiiccceeFaacceee! The hearts were done on a grid and they should be correct. I think it is the visual vibration the colors are creating that is visually pushing them together. I am going to put a little more design in the center maybe that will help to separate them a bit. Thanks for the help!


Love the butterflies not crazy about the heart. Maybe make the butterflies form the heart. Might be cool. The butterflies are stunning great colors. A shirt color that accents those colors better would also help. Keep up the good work.

If you get a chance:


Thanks Fisticuffnyc! Might change the heart to a ty-dye design not sure where it is going as of yet. Thanks for the input. I will check your work out.


change color t shirt but i like this work...great butterflies...

please score my design here


Thanks for the ideas! I think placement might be in the middle should be ok for chest area on women's T. I did play with shirts and yellow was nice will give it a try. I think the heart is going to change a bit more like bleeding heart flowers. Thanks for the help and ideas.


Thanks Dariok1972! Yes I am going to work with T might work with heart as well. It seems you either like it or you don't. Thanks Will check your work out!


Very cool design especially the butterflies. Submiit it!!!!

anyway, if you have any free time, please score my LOVE and critique my new design: 4 monkeys re-mix


Thanks gamemaiacbo95! I appreciate the feedback! I will take a look at your work as well!


i really like it, the only problem i have is the butterfly wings.

The wings look a little square and boxy. They should be more round and organic. make them compliment the curvy edges on the heart.

other than that i really like it!


Hi Bluedragon467! Thanks for the critique. I tried to rework the wings a bit but I think I might have to redo the butterflies . I tried to rework the lines as well so will have to see what happens this week. thanks for our idea!


great details on the wings. i like it:) suggestion though, if you already have it on a baby blue t, why are you using baby blue as a color as well? if you take out the baby blue in your design and bring the dark blue tones just a little lighter i think it would make this piece look so much more delicate ;)


mmmm nah forget i said taking out the baby


Don't change butterfly wings love them. The butterflies are my favorite. The detail on them rocks. Add that kind of detail to heart if you want but I don't think you need to keep adding design embelishments around the heart. The more simple the nicer it is. Great job!

Peace Clown is up for scoring. Thanks for all your comments!

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