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hello.rnRecently I draw one of my favourite animal: the llama. After my draw, I thought it can make a great design! So I put my llama on a tshirt. What do you think about the colours and what do you think about the design?rnPlease can you put me some nice comments to tell me how to make this design better.rnThank yous very much indeed!


I really like the illustration, it's great. I don't really think it needs all that much work either. Personally I'd not go for a black line colour, instead I'd go for a darker shade of the t-shirt colour. Also, I'd add some other colour, but only to the sunglasses, either a bold 80's neon colour, OR some kind of design like stars and stripes shades. It's really cool!

I'd appreciate feedback too


sunglasses with gold foil? :D please tell me what you think!


i think the gold foil is perfect...submit ir and good lucky...

please score my design here

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