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Panda resting under a tree.rnrnThe shirt colour will most likely not be blue, because I think it doesn't fit at all.rnrnHonest feedback very much welcomed :)


The red spot on the Panda looks a little ominous? I like Fezbeast's ideas though.

I'd appreciate feedback too


Cute, but I think the panda's legs need some work, they look too flat, almost like he's melting, maybe they should be more rounded like his arms.

Please take a look at mine if you can Not the Droids You're looking for


Agreed, Exactly what I was going to say.

If anyone has time can you please score or comment my design. Much Love.


i agreed with fezbeast. shorten the bamboo.

LOVE is up for scoring

and please critique this: WHO AM I

it will be wonderful if you can scored my design. thanks

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