c3p OZ dream

  • by -PiDjO-
  • posted Dec 07, 2010

Watch this

any idea ? :-)


Haha! Great concept! The colors also work really well against that dark grey.

The lineart is a little rough which can work as a style in and of itself but I think a little cleaning up here and there might take it to the next level.

I'm also getting perhaps a bit nitpicky here but I think that the gesture of the raised hand could be cleaned up just a bit as well. The fingers are kinda spindly and look like a bit of an afterthought?

That said though I still think it would work as is if you're ready to submit it. =)


Haha nice! I would make it a little smaller on the tee and change the raised hand. Maybe give him a nasty grin...

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yep gonna change the raised hand and also clean evrything up a bit ! thanks for you advice.


I like the idea, def touch it up and it could be looking cool. Robot homicide for the win


Awesome idea! I think a few touch ups as well would really make this look great. I think 3po's eyes are very distinctive and over simplified right now, and I think he needs a nose and a thicker mouth, more rectangle like.

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But do Androids dream of electric sheep? Just gotta be careful about copyright here. Threadless don't risk things.

If anyone has time can you please score or comment my design. Much Love.


i've remade the raised hand and cleaned up a bit of the lines.


[ and what do you think of the tee color? :-) ]


thanks ! :-) yep gonna have a look on yours !


Any thoughts on the tinman having an axe slash in his chest or something... gives the idea of a battle... Just a thought.


yep that's what i was wondering :D at first i wanted it to me simple, just characters without too much details, no blood, no shadows on the ground etc. thanks for your advice JokerBonez !


What JokerBonez said. It would look great if you showed signs of struggle, damage, oil leak on tin man's head, etc. You could even have c3po put one foot on tin man's chest, in a sort of conquering pose. I think it works better on black/dark blue.


great idea ! but it means i have to draw everything once again if i want to have c3po behind and with a foot on tin man chest.... wow... thanks for the idea about color too ;-)


It seems that c3po has never used that axe...try to put some "blood" and some scratch/cuts on the body...

If you have a second score and comment my design please.


added "oil blood" and some texture on colors. thanks for your comments ;-)


It's a neat design. I think that it could do with a background image of some sort, but probably only a single colour silhouette background, maybe a circular frame with tree trunks? Or something like that... probably in a colour similar to that of the t-shirt. You could always include a Millenium faulcon in the silhouette?

I'd appreciate comments...


shit i subd it but it was declined because of copyrights :-/ thanks everyone who helped me though ! :-)

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