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Is there someone asked you who are you? Just said 'I AM Me"

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Thanks for your critique!

This design is very interesting! I don't know how to improve it without ruining the concept, but you could experiment with different fonts and colors. I think how "I am" is boxed seems a little weird, in my opinion. Good job!


great job, you used the text very well in this image. And the use of color is perfect if you ask me. i say submit!


Any font or colour suggestion would be great. thanks


I just created the back design. i decide to use glow in the dark ink for the barcode. Please critique it.


nice idea@_@ i think the words "i am" try to use other color or like the word "me: design. hehe just i think.


Nice idea but a little too much in the execution. I think the glow ink adds nothing important - leave it out. And I would do the I AM the same style as the ME.

Dark side of the moon and Desperate Houses are up for scoring! I appreciate if you score or comment on it!

the corner culture kid

i think u have put to much into this piece there is no room to breathe .. i would recomend the ""who am i"" to be in a larger font .. make the ""i am"" the same font as ""me"" and also play around with some colours. great idea just needs a bit of work http://threadless.com/submission/313151/gamers_paradise please score my submition .. cheers


Nice work, I think the "I Am" might need a bit of work, I'd play around more with the blue color and the fonts. Maybe make the blue text black and reposition it so it knocks out some negative space? Either way, thanks for commenting on mine :)


i have change the font and the colour. Please critique. I have problem with chosing the colour.


Nice design very original.

I would have the I AM ME on the front in just white.

And I would put that bar on the back in the middle with the bar code at the top.


I dont know how much i like the red yellow and blue words, i think it looked better as all one color. Or yeah you could try just black and white and see how it looks. I like the back too, thats really cool.

thanks for your comments on mine, I have a new version up. cumulus


This is in white and black version. I decide to make all the words in one colour. if you have any suggestion, please tell me.


I like the texture and the concept, though I think the "I AM" could use a better typeface and more even spacing. It's too disconnected with the "ME" as far as font style and thickness goes.


typographically I think they should be the same font instead of 2 different font

also there's too big a gap between I and AM

other than that it actually looks very very good


oh, too big a gap between I AM and ME too


^^Agree. Good concept but typographical elements need work


too much space between "I AM". the "M" and "E" is too close to eachother. I would like to see it in dark-green with a black font.

thanks for your comment on my design. I might put up a new version


i like this version...submitt...


i like it a alot , but the letters need a bit more space...


i have read your comments and i fix the gap problem and i aslo make all the words in the same font. I also chose to use glow in the dark ink for the 'i am me' at the front of the shirt. Hope you like it. please comments


Thanks for the critique! I like this one, but I think your very first one is the best.


Looks kool, especially with the glow effect!


Yep, I agree with luckyguy927.


I think of all the versions I like the font choice and consistency of this one the most. My only concern is that from further away, the gaps between letters/words in the background could make the "I AM ME" a little hard to read. Overall, a great design, and very interesting.


So simple and so cool!! Like very much the glow effect in the back!

If you have a second score and comment my submission please.


Cool design, it looks a bit goth on the black, maybe thats what your going for, but you could try it on a different color by making the text a darker color on a light shirt.


Pretty cool! I like it!

I kind of also agree with Maythewbox. I would like to see how it looks with the version he's talking about^^

...the first design I like it very much, because of the blue letters that is over it...



I like v5 the most. The font makes it look clean and simple, which I'm a big fan of.

Deffo Agree with Maythewbox and jacutiepie, play with around with some colours abit so we can see what it looks like.

Keep it up mate.


I like it, but the I AM ME could maybe stand out a little more I think. Good job!


it's good overall but i think the "AM" should be right beneath those thick lines , a lil more at the left should do it


looks good. everything i was going to say has already been said :P


This is by far the best out of all them


i love...very good design...try insert some letter of who i am in red or in gold...

please score my design here


V5 is the best version and it looks ready for submission to me.


Still not a fan of that glow in the dark thing. But the font is good now.

Dark side of the moon and Desperate Houses are up for scoring just for a few hours! I appreciate if you score or comment on it!


The back is awesome, I love the glow effect!


i agree with 2gestalt :) try to put it on a real tee; maybe the write more little? and less elongate

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