The key's eater !

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We always have difficulties to find the keys and each time, we feel very bad.rnThanks to this T-shirt, we will feel much better. We will not feel guilty any more, because it brings the sharp evidence of the unique criminel and the only one guilty : the key's eater.   rnIt’s time to dispense justice to all the lost keys. It’s time to wear this T-shirt.rnrn:) :)


Do you think that I can submit this ? It's my first time here, I really need your Opinion :)


haha like the miam nice colors! could make the key more realistic maybe good luck !

Btw my Alice's tea party is being scored ! you're welcome to vote and comment :-)


whats a "miam"? maybe have the key more along the stomach? you know so it doesnt just look like it was stuck there, and stomachs have super strong acid, so maybe make it dissolved a bit?

plesae cirtitque!


Thank you very much for your answer :)


I think that the "miam" is the equivalent of "miamy" in english ? The worm loves eating keys, that's why he says "miamy" Sorry for my bad english, I speak french :S


@nabes : The strong acid is a good idea, why not ! Thank you :)


Hey french girl, submit it, All the best! I'm also new here.


@Humair : Thanks so much, it's encourages me :)


i'm french too and pretty bad in english. i would say "yummy" for "miam". :D


@charleyH88 : Thank you ! I'm going to take a look in your design and comment :)

@-PiDjO- : I'm not french but I am living in France, mais ça me rassure de trouver des français ici qui peuvent me comprendre sans problème ;D Je vais changer le Yummy, merci :)


This is the v2 of my design, is it better ?


mm awesome i love the use of color tho i don't understand if it's meant to look like a stomach and all why is there a snake there i don't get the link between these too also if you have some time I would be grateful if you scored my design octo shirt


It's a stomach and the intestine is a snake who loves eating keys :)

Bongo Tees

great idea! nice tee!!!


I wonder if it wouldn't read better without the "where is my key" text... The typical silhouette of the innards is dead-on, but I feel like that text muddles it... Once your eye follows down the tract, the snake at the end is a cute WTF moment though, LoL. Its got the makings of a really cute shirt!

bt_cruiser02 profile pic Alumni

I love this illustration and style. Maybe make the words smaller or maybe you don't even need them.

Let me know what you think of my design Horse Power


Thanks for comment my work

The details in the stomach aren't very small? Think in printing. The idea of the snake who loves eating keys means the key comes from behind? :S

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