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  • by heaf
  • posted Dec 03, 2010

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I've been purchasing from Threadless for the past few years, and decided to give this designing thing a go. This is a tribute to our beloved pal Pluto, who is no longer recognized as a planet. :(


I appreciate any feedback that can help me perfect my skills; but please keep it friendly as opposed to using harshness while critiquing. :)


i like it . looks pretty cool ! also if you have some time I would be grateful if you scored my design octo shirt


updated :D please continue to give feedback, I really appreciate it :)


It's cool but i like the one that is half whale half turtle half skunk and half porcupine better.


Haha, Oh Quinn.


Any suggestions on how to improve it?


First one first one first one..i like the first one better because of the purpleness of the shirt and the second one pluto's cleats are super big and they look cooler in the first one...there is your feedback heaf


cool...i think the first is better...try whit another t shirt color...

please score my design here


V2 or V3? :s


the pixelation is from resizing.. I just need an idea what style to stick with when designing it..

briancook profile pic Alumni

Hmmm - I get the joke you are going for but I'm not sure it's the best execution of that joke yet. Maybe have a baseball bench with only pluto sitting on it?

Another thing to consider is using the shirt color in the actual design so it is a little more integrated. Right now the image looks so separate from the tee it's not really working in terms of a shirt design. Keep refining this one I'd say.


ya I would go back to your first version with regards to the background and grass... Other than that it is starting to come together... I think the bench Idea is great and will give you an opportunity to work in other funny ideas that can be on the bench.

If you get a second let me know if you like this one. http://www.threadless.com/critique/81368/Affliction_for_fiction

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