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Owen Kelling

I hope you like it!rnrnMichelangelo's David with headphones and a swallow fused at the audio cords.rnrnI have a much more high-quality version stored.

Owen Kelling

Michelangelo's David with headphones and a swallow connected at the audio cords. I hope you like it!

KaMi WorkShop

that is COOL! The swallow's tail morphing into the cords looks really good. Ready for submission in my opinion. (would be also interesting to see it on a black tee, with white David)

1 day left! Please score and comment on my design! Bamboo Dealer :)


this design looks great on the shirt the way it fills the whole front and catches your eye with motion


love the placement and design! submit! 5$

true fiction

hi - like the idea but don't understand why he's got the surprised look - did I miss something? I think it might look good if he showed that he was enjoying the music... great work with the swallow and headphones!!!

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I'm not sure that he's surprised - maybe he's in awe? The music of nature is pretty intense. :)

Owen Kelling

:) perhaps you're supposed to be missing something

Owen Kelling

It's up to you what he's hearing :)


I'm gonna have to agree with True Fiction, i don't understand the surprised look; i think i would be more appealing if he was enjoying the music. Otherwise, cool style and awesome design idea! i like it!


really cool! I can't wait to see more from you! It kinda illustrates how music can provoke many emotions. love it!


Ahhhhh :) I loooooove it! Especially the colour scheme :) You're amazing!!!

Owen Kelling

Thanks everyone :) Here's a link to one with a black background and white David (in negative) by request ;) I inverted all the colors and thought to turn the light blue back to red, but I kinda like it :) let me know what you think. With a little more feedback I'll see what i can do and have it in the runnings soon :)...


this shirt is badd ass! i'll definatly buy this great work


It's cool, however I don't totally get it. Maybe closed eyes/smiling? Or ignore me? It's however, visually pleasing :]

Owen Kelling

hmm...getting a lot of feedback about the shock-and-awe expression :/ i did this with sharpies! :( I might just have to start over a new one...


cmon theres a bird coming out of his audio cords! what kind of expression would you have?!??! oh its just another day look or a ZOMFG WHATS HAPPENING look its a great design and t-shirt


It's really cool. I think I like the negative version better, but both are cool!

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this is so amazing....i would defiantly buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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