• by fhigi25
  • posted Nov 28, 2010


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I just want to know if this is in reference to Tim and Eric? Please someone tell me, if so, I may just have to buy it.


+1 Poobslag

I chuckled hard when I realized how obvious this picture is! ;D


+1 Poobslag

I chuckled hard when I realized how obvious this picture is! ;D


Man, people are getting heated about this shirt...

Anybody know if the Raglan Tee is a 3/4 sleeve or just regular tee length? I don't see a picture of it....


I hate how obsessed our culture is with sports and arbitrary fanaticism over specific teams and players. This shirt is great. Irony ftw.


really? people actually liked this enough for it to get printed? wow....

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Love the drama and I bought the raglan.. think it's the best among the raglans that came out.

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@Robbino, raglan has 3/4 sleeves. Just rocked mine today and people totally thought I was a Sports! fan.


this seems kinda weak compared to some of the other shirts printed on threadless.


Kind of too simple for my taste, but it depends on who the person is who is wearing the tee, you know?


i'm sorry but how did this get printed? I thought threadless was all about being clever and creative... this is so generic and its like something i'd find in a store like hot-topic... it's just the word "sports" I'm sorry am I missing something... someone please enlighten me, why is this so great?


This is the best shirt in the world. If they ever fix the discoloration from the screen printing, I'm going to buy it again. It's soooo comfortable.


To explain the shirt: "Sports!" is being used in the same way that the Lonely Island's "We Like Sportz" song references sports. They don't actually like sports, they're making fun of all of the hype, and drama associated with sports.

The shirt is basically saying "who cares, it's just a game."

IMO: Real sports are the ones where you don't have to say "I play (insert activity)." You simply say I do (blank) You can't say I soccer, you can say I run. Play is associated with a game.

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nice try, but they guy who did this loves sport. keep over thinking it and don't overload your humour circuits.


so simple its awesome


I don't care if it is or it isn't, but I'm still going to view this as a reference to Tim and Eric.


O: rly print that?


trevorlayle...tim and eric is the first thing i thought of when i saw this


The new reprint of this shirt is not nearly as good of quality as the previous one. The previous one had discoloration issues around the print, but it was still a good quality shirt and very comfortable. The new one is on a completely different shirt that feels thin and cheap and doesn't fit as well. It's also not the same color in the above picture. It's a really light grey.

Old one on left, new one on right.

Still a fun design, but the shirt itself makes me sad.


wtf, this sould cost $2


Why is it $12.50, and then when you go to buy it it's $20?


Anyone else get an email for a reprint? I don't see any available...


Sports!: Like books...but easier!


I have the first version of this shirt, and I love it! Super soft and retro cool, I wear it to the gym all the time.


I have the second version of this shirt and agree with others the quality of the shirt is not good. The collar and edges have all rolled, the shirt stretched in different areas, and it shrunk a lot.

I love gladly pay more for a higher quality version of this shirt. I like the lighter grey on the second version over the first.


Love it! Now, if only it were on a crewneck sweater or zipless hoodie...


this showed up on my threadless desk calendar to remind me how much i like this.

but make a sweatshirt, please. i need a warmer versions to wear to work on friday as my "sports jersey".


Tim and Eric would be proud

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