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  • posted Nov 28, 2010


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i just dont get it

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

It took me awhile to respond to the question, but what makes this shirt lame to me is that it is one word on a shirt that is meant to be anti-sports despite what it says. The wearer of this shirt says "I don't care about sports at all and I'm wearing this shirt to be ironic" and that in my opinion is lame, but Threadless knows that most of its fans aren't sports fans so it is a smart print, I just don't like it.



the czar

I definitely understood what they were going for, but I really am surprised it got a print.


where's the original design submission?

staffell profile pic Alumni

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the only typetee ever to feature just one word? Threadless needs to do more of this.

staffell profile pic Alumni

Ross, from what source do you get that most of the members of threadless aren't sportsfans? Also, this shirt is neither pro nor anti sportsbut at the same time it is both, which is what makes it so brilliant for me.

staffell profile pic Alumni

Wow, that was such a retarded sentence D:

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

brilliant in its brevity!


This slogan only got a score of 8%. I'm really surprised it got printed...


Oh god. Threadless tries to tap into the jock market. I only WISH this was a sick comment on the pathetic state of our society. Lifestyle is now a gym. Exercise must be paid for. Sports are for spectators.

Kill your TV.


You can probably buy this in H&M


hilarious. Best parody of a sports shirt i've ever seen.


I don't know what all of you squackleducks are talking about down there, but i'm interpreting the shirt like this: People wear "Giants" or "49ers" or "Raiders" shirt's right? So this is an ALLAROUND sport's shirt. Am i correct? Or do i got this very wrong? i don't care. The shirt has ONE word, i shall transfer it as i please(:


@johnbjuice I think your right. :L


I just bought it and I LOVE IT. It looks FANTASTIC on me!


It must be an ironic thing because there are only eighteen hoodies left in double XL.


This site can easly be rigged, ive seen plenty of great art work that got really low scores. For 2g you better believe there are groups of ppl on this site that are corrupting it.


This shirt is awesome (just got mine the other day). Whatever type/brand of shirt this design was printed on, should be used for ALL women's shirts on this site. Looks really cute and fits perfectly.


Terrible... And my design was rejected? Very fishy...


small size for guys is a little small compared to the other shirt size small so take note. and the material's a little thin.


Love this so much, waiting for a T and Hoody to wing it's way to London. 2011 is going to be a Sporting year!


im still thinking why everyone love this!! it is just a simple word, simple design... Its weirds


tim and eric rip off! this is garbage!


Mikey Day is wearing this on Jay Leno right now.


Mikey Day is wearing this on Jay Leno right now.


sports!!! a lot of these guys just don't get it, it's just one of these overly generic shirts like the "COLLEGE" shirt from animal house. i think it's pretty hilarious


Guess you have to be too hipster to have ever played an actual sport to enjoy this shirt, really sad that this got printed over any other slogan. 24 votes on 8% really? Amazing.


No offense to Matt * --just baffled by the "selection" process.


esa remera la tienen ensartada como churrasco de croto


The thing that bothers me about people's comments on here is that it is blatantly obvious from them that, to them, in order to be considered a "good" and "Threadless worthy" print then the design needs to be complicated or visually stimulating in some way or even just in a certain style of art.

You know why they printed this? Because it is funny. Pure and simple. If this was a design it would not be nearly as effective. So stop whining about why your own slogan did not get picked. Just be jealous that Matt's did.

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni

authorDrewdledate on Feb 3, 2011time at 18:37:37 Guess you have to be too hipster to have ever played an actual sport to enjoy this shirt, really sad that this got printed over any other slogan. 24 votes on 8% really? Amazing.

I wrestled for 13 years, played football for 8, amongst other sports and really love this one.


There you go, wrestling :p


I don't mean to hate on the shirt, just the process. Whether it sells or not, how is that risk of printing justified when it got 8% approval on a deleted slogan. . . how does that even get noticed?


$20 for this? hahahaha, maybe that's the joke


I think it would be hilarious to sport in this.


I don't get it.

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