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Shameless plea for slogan votes

I have no artistic talent but I want like DAMN to give birth to a threadless shirt. Please vote for my slogans, some of which are actually funny. Not only will I be your best friend, but I'll post a blog declaring you profoundly amazing and well behaved.

Watch this

Hey, quit talking about anal sex and gimme some votes here, willya?


The first one is a quote from Picard in Star Trek: Nemesis.

The second one is a quote from Robert Downey, Junior.

The other two are in broad use on the internet, have been for years.


Kawfy, check mine out.


...and there are no new songs or jokes either.


AMAZING! I'll buy that for sure, lucky.


Luckybum, I found your slogan using google on a web page from 1997.


Nowadays, I think your resolution can be at least 1024x768.


Got come and get me :]


done, have a look at mine please


Ahck I didn't even know how to use the Internet until 1998 :(


It seems to me that if you type your slogan into google and if you can find it right away without looking very hard, used just like you mean it to be used, it's not a very original slogan.

Quag profile pic Alumni

Voted, at least you admit it was shameless!


shirtflirt, you and I are on the same team.


GadFlie, I just looked it up and it's not on a T-shirt and it's not worded like mine.



You told me! ;)


No offense, gadflie, but with that pic your name should be Buzz Kill


I voted on yours... now do mine pretty please :)


I haven't figured out how to really fit in here, I guess I do say more negative things than positive things.

I would like to start writing about the shirts, those other guys suggeseted that, maybe I will start.


hear hear gadflie.

whoever you are!


I was just reading all the blogs in the past about designers who used parts of people's art in their designs, and everyone got very angry. There's a shirt called Predicament that's like that. Slogans are like comedy. It's work to do a good one, and you should only submit original ones. Copying one that's already in the world is just like copying art in a design. I guess I can't understand why that's OK when you're copying word art but it is not OK when you're copying drawing art.

I guess it is a buzz kill, but to me it is an interesting question and nobody talks about it.


i think it's silly when people steal verbage and then promote as their own.

really shows how useless people are with their vocabs.


look dudes

apathy is stronger than hate

if you don't like slogans stop bitching about them
and ignore blogs where people still have in them
its better to hear people have fun with them than whine about how they will never buy it and never give in
we got it
chill the fuck out


and mine are original so I can say that


I bet Stephen Wright would do some good slogans.

Maybe that would be cool: "Select" slogan shirts where you ask some funny person to come up with a phrase.


KerforKurb, yours do look original. And they're pretty good.

Are you a comedian in real life, the same way that the designers who do the shirts are artists in real life?


kerfor kurb.

i'm glad you have fun.

that's all that matters.

why do you assume i hate?


I don't like when art is straight up copied... an homage or parody are, of course, different stories.

In the same light, if a slogan is blatantly copied, I'm all for voting it down or having the "author" take it off.

I'm sorry, but I don't appreciate the accusation of scouring a tech site from 1997, rearranging something the author says in the last paragraph, and then submitting it as my own slogan - that's ridiculous.

I also think that 640x480 is mucy more recognizable than 1024x768, hence my use of the former.


my bad
I sound like asshole

its all good either way

hate it or love it


I have no idea what mucy means.


Cheez whiz. Some can o' worms I stirred up here. I admit I didn't check to see if my slogans were original, but like I said before, there are no new jokes. I didn't copy them from anywhere, so I'm not pulling them.

Thanks for voting, everyone.

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