Stop making me want the black shirts!

  • by dale.n
  • posted Aug 16, 2006

Seriously. 3/4 of the shirts I want from the sale are black.

Now i'm not terribly tanned - in fact far from it. I practically glow in the dark.

So why do you have to go put Radios, Ctrl Z and Are you in... or out... on BLACK!?!

Damn you threadless, damnation i say.

Watch this

basically all the shirts i own are black. But fuck dat shit i kinda want this shirt.


i knnoooww!!! but are you in or out wouldnt look as good if it wasnt on black. but this one should totally be a different color.
kuddos to the pale kids!!!


I LOVE BLACK SHIRTS...i don't know why?



i mean i suppose it's a motivater to go get some more muscle on my arms and a tan when summer comes around (it's winter here atm)

i'm gonna wait til i get some more STP's and then i might order as there's still a plenty left in stock for all the ones i want.


I wish it was on red... It looks freakin awesome on red... but black won't keep me from buying it... haha


I feel your pain, with me it's always the blue shirts.


Dude if you are not tan and if you glow in the dark, dark colors are a good contrast against your pale skin, black should be your best friend.


Yeah, I'm really tanned, and black is not my color at all.


nah the problem is on the arms - where my moontan line is - that bit of skin between the elbow and the shirt sleeve looks really much worse when it's a dark shirt


i hear you, i want ctrl z since forever and radios is awesome as well, wanted that too long


i just ordered ctrl z, radios & fast supper

i was going to order - are you in or out? as well but that would've been 3 black shirts!

and i had enough STP's for a free one - woo hoo - i think i'll claim radios as the free one cos it's the coolest.


I can't believe they put black print on a black shirt. I really like this design, but they ruined the impact of it by putting black against black. :(

I ended up not ordering it in the hopes that they come to their senses and print on a lighter coloured shirt.

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