Cat Stages of Life

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I'm having trouble with the layout of this design; I'm not sure whether I should put the cats in a row (like in the image) or arrange them in a triangle-ish way (like the image on the tee). There's probably a bunch of other ways I could lay them out too.. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!rnrnOther things I am unsure about:rn- The linework (e.g. the giant babykitten in the corner there, you see how the brown lines overlap the big black outline? Does that work as part of the style, or would it look sloppy on a tee?)rn- the colour of their eyesrn- the text.. should it be smaller, not so bubbly, placed elsewhere, etc?


whoa apparently Threadless doesn't like paragraphs or dashed lists o_o Sorry about the weird "rn" things in my comment up there.


ahah omg the baby kitten is the cutest thing i've ever seen! that is tooo much. I really think you're almost ready to submit! the placement should be like on the BG.. with them lines up in a row. it's much cleaner. i really don't feel like you need to text.. it would be a much more powerfull design if you left the text out and left the person's eyes on the baby kitten's face ^_^ adorable!!

if you don't mind scoring mine, i'd appreciate it. it has 0 days left. thanks :)


also, the baby kitten's eyes would look wayy cuter if the iris was looking upward.. like it wants something^_^


Cute!!! but I like the original way you had the cats as they get older :)


So sweeet! Did you try to place them vertically? Baby kitten should be first IMO, that´s for sure, it is too cute!

It´s the last few hours for scoring my RenauCeros and would you have a look at my new Bull-Shirt, too?


Yeah, I would definately have them arranged from youngest to oldest. That way you won't need the text. I also agree with the idea of making baby kitten's eyes looking up all puss-in-boots style XD

I like your choice of a blue tee for this one too. Right on, suh!

KaMi WorkShop

I think the triangleish arrangement is better. Maybe the biggest cat could have slit pupils? otherwise, really well done! :)

Please score and comment on my design! Bamboo dealer :)


Okay, second version! Trying out different layout types; what do you think?

Changes made: new yellow eye colour, babykitten is now cross-eyed, the cats have little shadows, and the text labels are now gone.


I like C best, It gives a nice direction on the shirt and it fills more space nicely. A is acceptable (as its essentially C without the slight diagonal twist) but never B. B would give people wayyy to much excuse to look up and down my chest.


tag cat: but wont C will give people wayyy to much excues to look across your chest? lol.

maybe you can add a bit on the direction of the lifecycle? however, it is cute as it is now.

comment mine.


Super cute. C is best. I think the kitten needs a tail though.

Crit Me!


I dig the simplicity. Cute. I definitely like one of the horizontal arrangements. My eye wants to see them more associated - perhaps all sitting on one base ??? Would love it if you could give me advice regarding Death Panel. Good Luck!


great illustration ... I like the horizontal version best ... and the yellow eyes work better


Arrighty, so the final verdict seemed to be Layout C, based on the last version of the design.. So this would be the final Tee design; any last critiques to give?

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