Why do I keep getting redirected to the stupid Facebook Auth page?

Watch this

your not the only one, I think everyone is.


Because Threadless has finally sold out.


SJ27 on Nov 24 '10 at 8:02am Because Threadless has finally sold out.

I had another response prepared for this comment before I took a more detailed look at just what we were opting in for (I read the terms of service) and I really dont see how the facebook authentication helps us users, it helps threadless by giving them more information about us (which probably helps them target their sales better) but its really lame.

The terms of service and the privacy policy dont specifically refer to the facebook authentication so it would be nice if we could have an actual explanation of whats going on.

Meh, I've been here since 2005 and people have been complaining about threadless selling out through out that entire time, people hated it when the Loves contests got introduced, the select series wasnt all that popular to begin with and there was always a rebellion when a new site design came a long.

Some people left, some people pretended to leave then came back, new people joined and things settled down.


I don't really know what it does but I got sick of it so I just put in my username and password and it stopped... nothing seems to have changed


@stubby43 We launched the ability to login via Facebook on Monday. You should only be redirected to http://www.threadless.com/facebookauth only after clicking one of the Facebook login buttons. Can you provide more information so I can determine what is triggering the redirect?

@lucindaa The feature allows new users to register a Threadless username with (in most cases) 2 clicks. Existing users can connect their Facebook account with their Threadless account in order to share their activity on Threadless through the Facebook stream.


its not doing it now, but when I was opening threadless (the main page as in www.threadless.com) off of google chrome it was taking straight to that page.

My threadless account is already connected with facebook from back in the day if that has anything to do with it.

But maybe you guys should provide more information on that facebook auth page about what people are actually signing up for, it says absolutely nothing about connecting your threadless account with your facebook account so you can share activity.


This problem should be resolved. If you still see it, please let us know.

As for the rest, we don't get anything from the Facebook authentication. It's just that many people like the ease of signing in to Facebook and being able to log in to other sites with one click. If you don't like it, you don't have to use it.

You can control everything that gets posted to facebook by Threadless from the Share Settings under your account (http://www.threadless.com/account/activity). In the future we may offer more connections to facebook, but you'll be in control. (Note: The Like button is not in those settings, but that's something you have to initiate.)


Ok thats cool, but I do think you should be giving a short explanation of what people are actually agreeing to on that main page, its more than a little bit confusing and I'm sure I'm not the only one who knew we could control our privacy settings.


yeah its still happening to me.


Hmm, it happened again now. I think the next time I'll just login or whatever so it doeesn't pop-up again.

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