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Moshi Moshi!

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Old fashioned telephone character. The speech bubble says "Moshi Moshi!" which is how to answer the phone in Japanese. :)


i like the design very simple. maybe you could add a pun or something to make it a little more interesting. the character is cute tho good luck ;-)

you're welcome to comment on mine ;-) thanks !


Green on white tee version (Otherwise identical to V1).


Maybe make it bigger, and add some more detail on the phone, like the holes/numbers, shades. or you can also make the face more expressive.

Hope you have time to check out mine : )

Mr Vela

v2 and more big


Yeah, Coloring is better with a dark phone but I think I'd avoid a white T. I avoid because I'm a terrible spiller myself!


That color of green seems a bit arbitrary. I feel maybe the phone should be in black or avocado green, like real phones back in the day. If you're going to go with a black or avocado green, try matching it with a complimentary color for the t-shirt.


prefer the green tee version :-)

KaMi WorkShop

some inner shading to the phone maybe? or to add some white "shiny parts" to it. The microphone part could be a cute face :) Would definately get more score.

Please score and comment on my design! (no critique please) Bamboo dealer


Thanks for the feedback so far everyone. Will hopefully find some time to play around with this a bit more in the next few days.

Trying to resist too much detail as I want it to have quite a bold, graphic look in the end. WIll definitely try adding some markings to the dial to indicate where the numbers would be though. And yeh, I think the reason I've chosen green began with the old green phones I remember from years back - but I think the original avocado colour has gotten lost since I tried the kelly green shirt template.


Added an additional speech bubble, a bit of extra detail to the dial and changed the position of the feet. Also increased the size a bit and tried white on red.


I dont like the red color... maybe some blue/prple or back to the green and white...?

true fiction

i prefer the colour scheme in V1


V3 back on the Green tee, plus blue & red versions.


cute simple design. I like it on the blue.

If you have a minute, please vote for Stereotyping


Ok, I've subbed this version! Please vote and comment here Moshi Moshi. Thanks everyone for your comments!

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