• by bortwein
  • posted Nov 22, 2010


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parallelish profile pic Alumni

looks much better than i thought it was going to, and glad to see the dates not at the bottom either

congrats 8)

Richard_Lee profile pic Alumni

Awesome! Congratulations





andyhunt profile pic Alumni

Awesome, that translated really well to a shirt. Congrats!

herky profile pic Alumni

Fabulous work! Congrats garo!


I have no doubt that if both of your Tron designs were printed as individual posters or as one they would be just as popular as this shirt will be.


This was the winner? Awful, just awful


Not a huge fan of it. Doesn't really capture the Tron for me.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

This looks ace, and I've never seen tron.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

So happy your design won, dude. I'd personally love a copy of this design with your 1982 design on the back and this on the front. That would seal the deal for me, but this is awesome on its own as well....congrats!

Krimson profile pic Alumni

The right one got chosen.


Congratulations, man. This design's excellent.


Meh. Not thrilled on this. It doesn't really capture Tron. If I didn't know what Tron was, this would just be a shirt with some cool art on it.


Of all the amazing Tron Designs and they picked this one?! Darn! I love Tron and was looking forward to it, but it looks like I'm skipping out this time.


mega congrats on the win. your original placement was better IMHO. Nowhere near my favourite of the tron comp, though I did score it a 5. I was sooo stoked to buy a tron shirt, but I'm afraid it just ain't gonna happen. Weird tho, I don't even think MCP is in this movie.


Out of all the designs you pick this one?


im very glad this printed- haters can suck a ___ good job sir-

your 2 designs were among my favorites of the comp

Janus Gemini

Really not that interesting. Im surprised this got picked with half the comments of its inferiority. Yes, it definitely lacks imagination...as do most of the tees printed on here.


awesome, this was my favorite one!


i'm critic about my stuff but this time i'm sure my 01 submission was better than this. btw, good for you.


I agree with agerstrand - haters gonna hate. I love this :) Congrats on the print! Well deserved.

StevenRice profile pic Alumni

Print the other one!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm glad this was printed. Its different from the rest, clean and really nicely done. I specially like that somebody who maybe won't get the Tron reference, will still buy it cause it's a good design and it works.



This is the winner? Meh... There were many other designs I liked better. Bummer.


I'm a big TRON fan and this design does nothing for me... It's uninspired and bland. The colours are muted, the image itself is flat and there's such a mix match of references that don't make sense. There's the Sark/MCP mix and the Recognizer from the original, and then there's the new Lightcycle from Legacy? On top of it all the title is "2010." Boo.

Congratulation on the win, but definitely not going to buy this one...


Congratulations Gar0! Great design!

Gar0 profile pic Alumni

Cheers for those supporting this one. It's often a contentious issue picking a winner for the loves contest so I feel for Threadless and Disney here. They're damned if they do, damned if they don't.

What I will say in defense of my design is that as a Tron fan I always loved it's originality. The spirit of my design is embedded in that. I didn't want to just copy a still from the trailers of the new one I wanted to create a graphic that people who didn't know Tron could engage with. I know I achieved that by the fact it was picked and many people who don't understand the fuss about the film have accepted this as the winner.

And finally, to me, one of the essential tenets of design is that it should encourage debate. And you can't have a debate if everyone agrees on one argument.

Regards G xx


Congrats! But sour...


Very nice design! Congrats on the win!


Is it just me, or is a "creme" colored shirt absolutely wrong for Tron? I love the design, but won't buy it simply because how awful the shirt color is. Sorry. Print it in black, or even something not white-ish and I'll buy two.


it's a nice design, just not very Tron. i would have expected some glow in the dark elements. but oh, well.


Congrats on that tee!!! It was my favourite submission in the whole contest and I will buy this allthough I'm not actually a tron-fan!!


This won? .... Really?

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Congrats on the well deserved win!

I'm sure Disney has plenty of shirts with glow in the dark light cycles for all who don't get it.


I'm confused, I didn't take part and I only scored a few, but the ones I did score I thought were more deserving of the win. Maybe I'm stupid, but most of it looks like random geometric shapes to me, the middle looks like a meal in a pot over an open fire, the bottom like somebody riding a bobsled.

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Congrats Garo! This looks even better now that I see it on the tee, very well-deserved win.

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