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your age is a palindrome


When you teach illiterate adults phonics and basic math, their understanding of the language is equivalent to that of a six to seven year-old child. They're very egocentric and unable to think of concepts beyond their understanding, which makes sense, since this is how and when children learn to read.

A not so exaggerated example: a farmer would understand the word "work" as farming, so if I was frustrated at my cellphone and said, "Damn, I can't get this damn thing to work!" - they would be utterly confused and think I'm specifically speaking about farming.

The problem is that they don't ever "grow" out this stage, that (most) children do. They're very fixated on their knowledge, and cannot be taught further.

I'm currently taking Psychology notes.


Hi Everyone! And hi Stebe. I've been around! Mostly. Lurking, sometimes.

Also....my age is a palindrome! But not for long...


im thinking about the 20% thing happening here and i made a huge order last week and how this supoosedly should upset me more?

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