Alice lost her Wonderland

  • by Illyenn
  • posted Nov 19, 2010

Watch this

It is a very first try for me, so I apologize if there are beginner's mistake (and english mistakes, too...)rnIt's inspired from Alice in Wonderland, althought it is a particular vision, maybe, quite darker. rnrn'hope you'll like it...


wow pretty sick sad world for alice :D how did she die ? i think it's just a bit confused, i don't know if i must find a perspective in ther or not .

As you seem to like alice, you're welcome to comment on mine too thanks ;-)


Haha sorry alice, good design, maybe instead of etched lines just do one straight line for each one and so then it won't be all crazy it will be more straight or if you really do want to do the crazy lines just do them closer together and not so spread out, nice idea!!

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I voluntary let the perspective quite blurd, to express Wonderland's confusion, but I'll change it if it's too weird...

Thanks for the advice ^-^


lol love the little rabbit thing :D I think the border of the girl could use stronger lines to be honest, my eyes just cant really adjust to the blurry white one but maybe its just me.

Also I'd appreciate it if you'd critique me on my own too :D For real?


Okay, I made it clearer, with borders less messy, both for the spade's ace and for Alice.

Is it better ? Some defects left ? ^^


nice illustration but I am disappear with the leg of the girl......


I like the rabbit, but he puts me off the perspective of birds eye view onto a chalk outline. Took me a little longer to understand because of him.

Like the concept but


Thank you very much ! ^-^

Third version coming soon...


The red line is the spade symbol from a deck of cards.


Okay, I changed the rabbit, and modified some elements to make it more harmonious... Well, I hope it is better ^^ (Sorry for being late, school took me more time than I expected)

true fiction

this rocks - really like the improvements, though i'm wondering why the teapot is separated and if you could maybe incoporate a heart into the illustration.

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peed off


I like this.

would like to change your boundary( just shape like kite).


@true - When you drop something, it doesn't always stay together.

@Illyenn - The rabbit outline looks great! The only thing bothering me now is the border. It is a good concept, but it looks lopsided.. and kind of throws everything else off. Not sure why I didn't notice before.


@Sajeh : well... Spades are the suit I prefer, and moreover, they're symbol of death ^^

@Skertchy, thanks, your sketch helped me a lot to draw again the outline. I confess I don't draw rabbits often...

Thanks to all of you for your advices ! So next step is the border of the spades...


Just glad I could help! =D Looking forward to seeing the update once you've finished. =) Really liking this design so far.


I changed the border, to have only one line, but kept the asymmetry and the distorsion of the spade, which, in my opinion, make it look more agressive... Is it too messy ?

true fiction

I get it - so it's a spade - knowning this I'd suggest going back to the multiple lines but round it out a bit - dude... this design has serios potental!!!!

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Okay, so I changed for a round version of the spade, but added back the mad lines to keep the violent aspect.... x)


hahaha i have the same idea...original concept...

please score my design here


I really like the roundness of this one. =)


hahah this is a great idea! the spade looks awesome and I love the little teapot on in the bottom. The only problem I have is the outline of the body, I know it's suppose to be a chalk outline and stuff, but it's throwing me off a bit. what would you think of adding like a hair outline? For me it might read a little more Alice!

when you find the time check mine out!


i agreed. you have to work on the hair. Keep up and enjoy your work.

anyway, if you have free time, can you spend a little bit of it critique my design:-)

Pixel Dave

Yeah i agree too, Alice needs hair. Also have you thought of putting a combination of hearts to make it look like blood been as the queen was hearts. Maybe you already have but I am using an old PC monitor mirroring my Mac screen because i broketed it.

Anyway those are my thoughts. otherwise I do like it.


From what I understand murder outlines do not include hair. It is only the basic outline of the person and pose they were in, as well as an outline for each item located around the victim. Police do not have time to draw the hair in the outline. =\


the blood is already suggesting hearts, but maybe isn't it flagrant enough... I'll see if I can do better ^^


Okay, here is the latest version, with hair. I'm quitte sceptical about this hair outline, isn't it a bit too much, for a chalk drawing as the police do ? Does it makes Alice easier to identify ? In short, do I keep that version, o should I submit the previous one ?


I finally forsaken the hair...


I'm not sure about losing the hair completely..Nice idea though.

If you get a moment, please take a look at my latest critique, Spring Chicken - Thanks :)


I like it better without the hair, I think.. I like the whole idea pretty much, but the positions of the objects around her seem a little random. I cannot really point my finger on it, but there is missing some connection, maybe. Between the rabbit and the clock for example. Not sure..

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