Desperate Houses

  • by 2gestalt
  • posted Nov 18, 2010

Watch this

A word joke on the TV-show. Funny or not?


I like it, but i think move the demolisher over so it is closer to the houses, then center it more and move it right down to the bottom of the shirt.

In terms of the concept, its chuckly, which isnt too bad.

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The show "Desperate Housewifes". And I do not think about economic climate in the US, because I´m from europe.


I understand what you mean. But I hope that people will get this as it is, a word joke on a show and a funny drawing, not a comment to politics or economics. And even if people interprete it as a comment to losing homes: why not see it as black humor. People always needed and used humor in bad times.


You may be right, but a lot of threadless tees only work together with their titles. Think of "extra pulp" or "the communist party" which I own and love. Without the title it´s just Lenin and Marx with silly hats and cocktails...


good idea but you should resize the destroying-machine (don't know how you call it :D ) on the left. maybe could add a city-landscape behind the houses. I don't think it's necessary to personalize your sun. good luck and good luck tho :-)


Thank you Tres_chic_mad for your interesting comments. I started this as I always start my subs, as a funny joke which makes me grin. I didn´t think that this could start such a controverse discussion. But I like that and isnt any publicity a good publicity? Anyway, I´m intrested in hearing more peoples opinions about this. Feel free to give comments!


My only thoughts are with the left most house - can't really define the "facial" features on that one as well as you can on the others.


Changed the expression of the leftmost house and left the sun out. How is it now?


The truck looks like its floating, try adding shadow I guess? :)


i agree with kingkongpanty's shadow idea ;-) better w/o the smiling sun for me !


Added a shadow. But I´m not sure if thats better. Besides I changed the position on the tee to a more asymetric style. How´bout that?


THX for your comment. Appreciate it! I tried to mace the crane bigger, but it doesnt fit with the sizes of the doors. Do you think this could be worth submitting?


Optimized the shadow a bit...


cool! I would like to see it bigger on the tee. other it´s great!

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LOL! That's a really funny one. Maybe if the red house would have the top floor's window's wide open, and it would bend to the back more it would look more scared! Plus maybe to have the grey house's chimney's top in the air and steam coming out of it to the sides... I think it would be even funnier if every house would look more scared in some ways, like the white one! That one is perfect. Maybe the crane should be taller, it would look like a bigger threat.

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This is going well. I agree that design work needs to be done on the red house to personify it more. Perhaps have the two 'eye' windows be half open and the open space be black. That might help.


it's better with the drop shadow of the machine !


Hahah cute idea. Yes please make it bigger.

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looks good, but the shadow belonging to the to the yellow house might need a chimney... I cant tell for sure.

If you can rainmen


looks good, but the shadow belonging to the to the yellow house might need a chimney... I cant tell for sure.

If you can rainmen


Ha. Nice joke. I was thinking of something similar, but I think you executed it better than I would! :)


id make the bull dozer, er ball and chain ... whatever its called a bit more meaner looking. and also the pink house needs a bit more emotion, compared to the rest you can barely see its eyes and it just looks like its ok with this happening

pleaes critique

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