Major Log-in Issues? Solution! (?)

Is anyone else having any?

My girlfriend can't log in and have it stick. She logs in but as soon as she clicks anything (makes a comment, scores something) it brings her to the "become a member" page.

I just tried my sister's account and had the same result. Mine seems to work dandy though :/

Watch this

Mine works fine -- but one of my friends tried to register today and was having similar difficulties. Difficulties we were unable to resolve.


My dog couldn't post lolcat yesterday and he was bummed out


i had that problem with safari on my mac, been browsing with firefox for the past few days because of the same issue.

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It's happened now on both firefox/safari (I think) and Explorer...and definitely the last few days.


First off, let me apologize for everyone having problems logging in. This bug was caused by (ironically enough) a fix we pushed which affected users who could not login to Threadless Kids via

For those still having problems, please try the following:

1) Clear all Threadless cookies. For those of you who are not sure how to do this, please follow this guide in order to step through the process for your particular browser.

2) Open a new browser window and login to Threadless.

If you continue having problems, please respond to this thread and I will help you.

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