• by 2gestalt
  • posted Nov 11, 2010

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This is my design about a nerdy cat.rnHow d´ya like it?rnrnNotice: For a cat, an Iphone is like an Ipad to us. Awesome!


Tried several colors for the grey part, like orange, red and black. But grey looked the best. Not sure if I should change the shadow in the gry areas from black to dark grey. And I thought about adding a gameboy. Lets take a look...


Changed the color of the hair on the back. Which one is better?


funny! I think the floor of the scene of the ipod is too close to the cat color, and this makes it a bit hard to see clearly, needs more contrast there.


Thanks guys for the support. I changed the color of the floor on the ipod now.

But somehow I feel it could be more nerdy. Has anyone an idea to make it nerdier? Maybe another device or some background. I don´t really know at the moment...


it definitely looks better with the change in floor colour. adding another device or background elements might clutter it up a bit. How about giving him a nerdy-looking collar or wristwatch.

thanks for your comment on mine.

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You could give the cat horn-rimmed glasses. And perhaps you should think about adding more details to the fur - e.g. make the borders between different colors more "furry" (without this black lines), same with the shadow ...


Added a shadow and spent the guy a fancy calculator-wristwatch. What´d you say?


Very nice. I see you changed the colors, much better. Maybe make the shadow less visible, lower opacity or just make it brighter. Also i thik that you should reconsider the shadow because it's too pushed to the right side. Maybe make the whole design smaller.

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I use 8 colors now. Although I´d like to make the shadow lighter, i don´t know if its technically possible. Can I use a 9th color?


Nice idea but it would be cool if you added some furriness to the cat.

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I think you should curl the tail to the side the way it is now seems to through the off the placement.

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cool, I like this design! I remember the nerds at school allways had some briefcase with them. And, of course, the wristwatch you already added! You could make the shadow as halftones to make it lighter.


The shadow seems a little strong. It is a fun design though. The art is great.


his whiskers look a little too beardy but maybe that's what you're going for?

check out mine too if you want :)


Changed the shadow and made it lighter. Think it looks good now...


I tried something with the outline of the fur. Which one is better v5 or v6?


haha nerd cat ! 6th version is the best one. I think its arm is a bit weirdly shaped, in comparison with the rest of its body that is more rounded. good luck

you're welcome to critique mine if you have time ;-)


That is one nerdy cat. I also think that the arm should be more rounded at the elbow. Is he playing a mouse-catching game on an iPhone?

If you have a moment, please critique mine.


I rounded the ellbow a bit more. Looks better now. Should now be ready for submit, or isn´t it?


I think it looks awesome, however, the cat is kind of hiding, so i think it could be smaller and brought down to the bottom right corner of the shirt. Not too small but a little. I dunno, play with the idea.

Please have a look at mine: Thanks


I tried to colorize the cat in grytones but that didn´t work out. So it became orange, like Garfield. Maybe all orange cats look a little like him.


i think he doesn't need a "beard". it's too sight-catching and unnecessary on my opinion. the arm is much better with a rounder elbow ;-)


I agree with JSung, I would make it a little smaller on the tee. Other than that I think it´s ready! good luck!

my RenauCeros is up for scoring now!


Made him smaller on the tee. That should be it now...




I love the idea but it feels like its missing something..


Hey guys, thanks for all your help and comments. This cat is now much better than it was at the beginning. So I decided to put it in the running now. I appreciate if you vote/comment for it!


still its beard is a bit disturbing in my opinion i'll vote for your nerd cat you can be sure ;-)

you're welcome to comment on mine ;-) thanks !


Nerdcat is now up for scoring! I appreciate if you score or comment on it!


yaye! i love the screen. i was going to comment here.. but i'll go score and comment there ;D

if you don't mind scoring mine, i'd appreciate it! thanks :)


Nerdcat is up for scoring! 2 days left! I appreciate if you score or comment on it!


Nerdcat has one day left for scoring! Plz score/comment on it!

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