I'ma callin you out, voters of Threadless!

Now this here blog ain't your average promotional hornswoggle. No sir, you see due to the spread out but also detailed nature of the design posted below, I'm afraid that 640 by 800 presentation we all gotta use just ain't doin justice to all that time I spent puttin this damn thing together. So over the next couple of days while it's up for scoring I'll be posting closer up shots of all the figures in here. Now instead of seeing the word "bump" over and over again, you get art! So come back and check in every once and a while and don't forget to score and comment!

Check these out too!


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Friendly Fire

I call this guy shamus, inspired by Marty McFly's great irish ancestor


Wow. Awesome characters! It's nice to see them up close.


man, you're really earning your score with this one. I hope this breaks a 3.2, and I'm thinking it will.

Friendly Fire

Thanks guys! Here's another

I call this guy Manuel. In my mind I pictured him as some kind of mexican revolutionary, sort of inspired by the character Angel from The Wild Bunch

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

An absolutely brilliant design, perfectly executed. Will do well!!

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Thanks ivantobealone!

These two are kinda stuck together since, the top guy, who in my mind I called slick, has got his gun touchin the back of the Kid's head, which is what I call the other guy, since he seems younger. Slick is based on the Man in Black from For a few dollars more, and the Kid is just some young cowboy based on no one is particular

Thanks for all the words of encouragement you guys!

Steampunk Art

wow its looks even cooler up close! I hope you don't mind, can you vote on mine?

Friendly Fire

sure steampunk! here's another guys,

So this one is sort of a clint eastwoody guy, and this guy was the very first figure I drew for this design, my goal was to have everyone shooting from tcrazy positions and this sort of set the tone for that

Friendly Fire


So this here hombre I dubbed "Sam" since he's hot a huge stache and I imagined him talking with the voice of Sam Elliiot. I knew I wanted at least one desperado sporting a duster, and so here he he is

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exactly, FRICKINAWESOME, I knew I wanted there to be at least one guy with glasses and a bowler hat, I called him Specs

And this next one is probably my favorite out of the entire bunch, I called her Calamity, although she probably looks nothing like the real Calamity Jane, especially if you go by Deadwood's version!


This the the bombdiggety.

Friendly Fire

Thanks, I like to think so too, although I would never use that exact wording Next up, it's....Snidley, as in this guy reminded me of Snidely WHiplash. I knew one of these guys needed a top hat and so here we are....Nya ah ah!

Friendly Fire

This guy I call Frank, he's the only guy not sportin two pistols, but he is sportin two barrels!

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Next is probably my second favorite character, the old prospector coot!

Friendly Fire

Another mexican revolutionary, or maybe inspired by Cormano from sunset riders?


amazing caracters!

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why thank you! Just a couple days left people!

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One more day to vote and comment, come on!

Friendly Fire

I call this gentleman "Clyde" I wanted at least one big dumb henchman type

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