Summer's Passing, Select Girly Eco Pullover

  • by nerdra
  • posted Nov 04, 2010

Summer's Passing, Select Girly Eco Pullover

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This looks so freakin' comfy.


This one looks really sweet.


I love it, but $50?!


These select things are beautiful, but seriously exorbitant. I can get this kind of stuff for $20 at Urban Outfitters. Come on, Threadless. :(


So pretty!!!


I want this shirt.. but on my budget, I quickly change my mind.


Yeah, Threadless. Awesome designs but can't justify spending that much especially when you factor in the Aussie dollar + postage.


AWESOME design and colour and everything but wayyy too expensive!


Seriously, Threadless? I love this design and the fit looks so comfy, but it's just not worth $50. Lower the prices!


beautifull)) but veeeeery expensive( 20$! mmm??;-))


I've purchased from the select line before and I'm gonna be buying this little ditty for my lady (hopefully she likes it) there is definitely a different demographic they are aiming for with this line of clothing. Me being a semi-mature man would never spend 35-50$ for a Clean sensible graphic tee when I get so much more pleasure wearing awesome Robots and Zombie shirts with bright colors and childish narratives for a reasonable 20$ but my lady friend doesn't wear Zombie shirts and there is no price tag on LUV :-)


I got this sweater, and i absolutely love it! It's super comfy and pretty but after wearing it a few times the back started to pelt :( I'm pretty upset because i paid 50$ for it which I now regret ever doing. I'm very disappointed in threadless


The colors are stunning! ;) I wish the price would go down as well. I have Never Gonna Give You Up in this style and I am addicted, but I can't buy another for $50 right now.


...ops "Gunna". :)


This is so cute! Maybe the price will go down or something.


reprint please! i'm a small, and i LOVE this


Amazing. Reprint, please.


I've just uploaded a pic for this pullover, so I'll also write a review. As many users have pointed out, the select line is quite pricey compared to the regular Threadless line. [And the first line was even a bit more expensive]. In my humble opinion, the fabric's quality doesn't justify extravagant prices ($49 is really too much for a regular pullover that is a cotton-polyester-rayon blend). I guess you'll have to dig deep in your pockets if you're really in love with a Select design. Personally I was happy with the print, almost happy with the pullover's colour [the pale lilac reminded me a bit of a pyjama when I saw it in person, it doesn't particularly flatter my light skin tone], and reasonably content with the garment's fitting, style and quality (I though the material would be thicker-it's more suitable for spring weather, not winter). Could have been better, could have been worse. I don't regret buying it (at $39 - sale price) as I really wanted to try something from the Select line but my next Select purchase will definitely be less spontaneous.

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