A Patchwork Wolf, Select Girly Eco Pullover

A Patchwork Wolf, Select Girly Eco Pullover

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so cute..but too expensive for my mom to let me buy it :(


I agree with you thebatman648, It's a little steep of a price @ $50.


To restate what the other two have said: Ouch... $50? I'd buy it, but that's a little much. :(


Not to sound redundant but... $50? :(


I wants, I wants! Not very wallet friendly though.


I love this sweater! But I can't afford it... :(

chippos profile pic Alumni

i think 50 seems to be a lot, but i think that the quality probably deserves it, my girlfriend would be amazed :)


it's a very nice long sleeve. it looks like $25, not $50 though. i'll pass until it's on sale.


Is she gorgeous or what?


Love this so much, but so pricey. I'd buy it in a heartbeat if it was cheaper.


love this too as soon as that paysheck comes in i am so buying it


I think the price-tag is relative to the materials... remember, it's made from a "Blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester, and rayon, low impact dyed," meaning it probably cost more to produce than your standard Threadless tee. If I had the money, I'd totally buy one... then again, I'm a big fan of sustainable and eco-friendly products.


So cute, love the cut and the color. Might end up caving in and buying it. Also, the model is so cute!


I agree with everyone. Love it, bit not the price.


Expensive :-( At least there's free shipping to save $10?


Can't they make it in a regular eco-unfriendly material? I can't pay that much!


i have a S in my cart... but for oversize fit should I order M?


I'm with kimoush, the price isn't very friendly to my wallet :(

Pa Rubim

I like it. And the model is really gorgeous. =)


I want this so badly, but my wallet just couldn't handle it. Threadless, I don't care if the shirt is made of organic and recycled materials, I just want it to be budget-friendly. Please? (You know, not that eco-friendly is bad, its just... expensive... *sigh)


it may be friendly with the earth, but it sure isn't friendly with my wallet. -____-

Sky Bison

GUH. $50? Sorry Threadless, no way -_- I want it so bad though :c


I wanttttttt. I wish it wasn't so much.. :\


possibly make it cheaper for xmas so i can get my girl friend a nice present? ^__^


20% off promo and $7 coupon helped a bunch! .... waiting for it to come in the mail. :)


will this be part of the black hole christmas thing? i hope :T


Okay, so a real review. I coughed up the $50 because I fell in love with this one. It arrived today and the fabric is SO SOFT. Super cozy and comfortable. I order a large in the tshirts and also got this guy in a large and it fits great, though probably a bit larger than on the model. They probably sized it down for her. Overall, I am very happy that I purchased it. This is definitely a stand-out item to have and some times you're going to pay a bit extra for that.


i love this! planning on buying it sooooon


Woooow! This collection is really nice! Is there going to be for xmas a special discount? :) More S sizes please!!


She's extremely pretty. Does no one else see this?


I love this design, both the print and the shirt. It has a soft feel and drape, much better than an ordinary t-shirt.. Pretty pricey though! I hope that will change in the future as more and more people order these styles. I also ordered the London tank dress. It's too cold to wear it now in Wisconsin, but summer is just two seasons away!!

I love Threadless. I never buy any of my t-shirts anywhere else. I have a whole collection and I always tell everybody where I got them!!

Ogre Princess

Got this as an early christmas present, its really soft and nice but one thing for others to consider is that the sleeves are REALLY short! I'm 5'11 and these sleeves are just way too short! This shirt was clearly designed for shorter girls, something to consider when buying. This fabric seems really prone too shrinking as well! Otherwise I'm very happy with my gift, but these sleeves seriously need to be a few inches longer Threadless.


I would love it if this Pullover was reprinted. I am needing a medium size. I love all of the line marks that make up the wolf's face. It's similar to an assignment I had in an art class a while back. Please, please, please reprint this one.


So cute! I want it, but it's gonna have to be cheaper!


i wish it were reprinted, i need Small size!! PLEASE please!!


This is beautiful, if it wasn't so expensive I would buy it :)


woot! came yesterday! :) my only concern is how i'm gonna wash it. it's incredibly thin, and i'm scared it will brake in the washer :o anyway, it does fit pretty slouchy, so if you want a snugfit like the girl in the pic, order a size down. but overall verrrry happy with this purchase :D


threadless has gone to the dogs. i used to like threadless 'cause it was nothing but TSHIRTS. but when the tanks came in i knew it was done for. watch this place go mainstream. i used to show off my threadless bumper sticker with pride, but now it's a bit embarrasing.


I love this design, please reprint so I can get a small size.


They need to reprint this one! I love this design so much in blue!


PLEASE reprint in small?! I love the design and the eco pullover :D

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