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I like the the concept but i feel like it might be missing like a lightening bolt elsewhere on the shirt or something.

please critique mine if you get the chance

Flaming Driptray

This is pretty rad, but the illustration needs some more work. His upper left arm looks withered in comparison to his left.

Bio-bot 9000
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  1. This probably won't print due to copyrighted material 2.you split the image in a weird spot, right below the thigh. don't you think cutting it at the waist would make more sense?

I think a large lightning bold behind it would be really good. Also I agree about splitting the figure above the waist instead. Looks really good though. Hmm about copyright??? BUT super cool idea!

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The split at the thigh is throwing off the element that he is a 3d object, thats what people are saying.

hmm, splitting at the waist, and angling the USB drive outlet accordingly would probably fix that.

take the lightning bolt off his chest and you might not have a copyright violation.

You might wanna play around with the details (mainly because you got them exactly right) just angle the bolts in the opposite direction, change the shape of the wings on his head subtly enough.

you can also link your layers then transform the arm to make it bigger and in more scale.

but all that being said, this is hilarious dude! way to go on a great idea. I think with some tweaking this is a real good piece!

and if you get a chance, why not check out my submission as well, bud: StarFox 6464 your vote is appreciated! and if you dig it, just give a shout!

keep up the good work!

C J Roxburgh

Thanks guys for all your feedback, was really helpful..I think it's one of those quit while I can things.


Nice! I agree with electricmethod of a possibilty for fixing the copyright issue.

If you have a chance could you score/comment on mine please? Shipwrecked

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