i'd like a second oppinon.

hey! i'd like to get some more feedback on a discussion i've been having regarding the above design. the design is not perfect - i may rework and resub. but i do feel i have some valid arguments in regards to the ovals used as background and to the general approach to the 1950s theme. or am i jsut being obtuse? i have been having this discussion with on member, and would like to extend the discussion anyone else that may be online. thanks in advance for your feedback, and thank you, bradleyadita for bringing up the arguments in the first place. i believe we grow the most when we are forced to defend, anylyze and even destroy our possible weaknesses.

bradleyadita on Aug 13 '06
concept... x
redesign... doesn't need to say Motel.. or if it does... name the Motel some kinda pun on "brain" or "mind"
ALSO - please people.,
stop establishing the background with unrelated circles and ovals...
no ovals or circles... unless you have 2 or 3 GOOD argueable solid reasons for them to be there...
no logos in ovals either... UG

danie.xanie on Aug 13 '06
thanks for the feedback, but i defend my ovals. i see no fault in grounding a design on a larger canvas by using basic shapes. infact, i recall shape and line being two of the basic elements of design. and if you really must have a justification for every element of the design, then here are two: 1) research of 1950s pop culture advertising will show many successful and notably period designs with the same simple-shape technique, and 2)when addressing the readability of a design, i have found the KISS rule a tried and true standard - "keep it simple stupid". but thank you, and i look forward to seeing your designs, hoefully in the near future.

bradleyadita on Aug 13 '06
any element of design needs to be used for a reason.
it may be true that 50s pop culture utilized simple forms in construction and in graphic design, and yes they were successful. But why were they successful for that period?
The answer to that question will reveal the reasoning behind the design of 50s American pop culture... But it will not provide reasons for this T-shirt design made in 200(6?).

its hard to see your own design from a distance... just so you know.. the first thing i saw (apart from the subconscious vision of the design as a whole) ... was the word "MOTEL"

Watch this

I fully agree with you on the ovals... It's a classic 50's touch. Also, if you've ever traveled rural America, you'd know that everywhere you go there are places with names such as "Motel" and "Diner."
Nice design.


i live in rual america - nacogdoches, tx on 59. we have one of those places just outside town ;)

Frank Vice

that guy has been trying to lecture everyone on design principles all day, just ignore him


that did cross my mind, i got a similar lecture on my other design. but i thought this one was worth discussing anyway.


Definately ignore him. He got me fired up earlier until I realized he was doing it to everyone. I have a BFA in Painting and Drawing with a sub-concentration in Graphic Design and have been working in Graphic Design (specifically screen printed T-shirts) for over 5 years and have never heard of a "RULE OF DESIGN" that is set in stone. Everything is relative to the context.

He acts like he is some sort of authority on design, but has not offered a single submission other than his 27 sub-par slogans. I wouldn't give his comments a second thought.

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