Monkey Island thoughts please!

Hi guys,

I really want to do a shirt paying homage to Monkey Island without being bleeding obvious. The aim would be to get a snigger from people who are "in the know" but everyone else would go "Murray?". (as in who the eff is Murray? And therefore unknowingly quoting Guybrush)

Keep in mind this is very rough and I only spend about 2 hours on the concept so look past that if you can!

I'm thinking the final style would be kind of hand drawn, scratchy look, I guess to choose an example, like Alexmdc. It's all vector-like now just to flesh out the idea and see if the people think it's worth pursuing.

What do you think? Love to hear your thoughts. You can see it in critique too. (click here)

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Bio-bot 9000
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i am not in the know. I guess i'd be quoting some guy with a brush.

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who the eff is Murray?


I've played the games and know the reference, but it think this is too obscure to score well or be printed by Threadless.


Blasphemy! Murray is king!


I just downloaded it for iPod! I was so happy.

But it's really hard to follow the shop guy to the Swordmaster using the touch screen so I got grumpy and stopped playing.

But I forget this joke even.


hehe SJ. That bit was tricky enough on PC, let alone an iPod!

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